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    Free Guy Overperforms as The Suicide Squad Free Falls 71%
    OMB Reviews

    Though Ryan Reynold’s new film Free Guy (2021) exceeded #boxoffice expectations, it still has a long fight ahead as The Suicides Squad (2021) is now officially a flop after a massive 71% drop in its second weekend


    I am on Webtoons as a reader. DC moving there might even make me quit Webtoons. Will say that I like the Webtoon format, especially for phone or droid. I also like the use of tokens and think I should be able to just tip people I like in tokens, whether artists or fans. Webtoons won’t listen to me though. For example, I would tip Niebla comic or Seed comic. Also, if there was a poster on there I happened to like what they say, I would tip them a token for making a good point and that is something that none of the Big Tech things offer. Sure, there are super chats on youtube, but anything to monetize the public, I am for that. Raise all boats. Especially, since all our money is either looted by the government or sent to the Middle East for other people’s families while many of us don’t even have one.

    News: DC Comics Strikes Deal with Korean Producer Webtoon

    DC Comics is DESPERATE for sales! After non stop FAILURES they’re outsourcing comics to South Korea!
    As manga continues to dominate the American comic book market, DC Comics is looking to outsource their stuff to South Korea! Is this bad news for comic book artists in the west?



Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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