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      Please, please come out in fucking theaters, i want to see Peacemaker with a toilet seat on his head on the big screen 🤣🤣🚽


      Looks good to me, not bothered if it’s in theaters or not to be honest..


      At least James Gunn can finally do the R-rated comic book film that he wanted to do since Marvel didn’t let him with Guardians.


        Looks better than the first one.

        And my main thing is that this actually LOOKS like Harley Quinn for once!! The previous two movies did NOT look like Harley Quinn, at all. They got the style and clothing ALL wrong for her. Not a fan of the previous two movies with her in it. I am a bit g HQ fan, and the live action so far just wasn’t her to me. This trailer looks like HQ to me…finally.





          this movie needs will smith :( i loved deadshot in the first one which is what made that movies good for me, their trying to replace him with another similar character, but it lacks the same charisma.

          after the first trailer i was less excited, but the second trailer made me way more excited, john cena and polka dot man is the only thing im looking forward to in this movie, maybe some other characters will surprise me.


          50/50 on it so far. Now doubt i will see it but i’d rather see the Ayer Cut. My worries is this will just be GOG but R rated.




            Only a few more days before it hits theaters! I can’t wait 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


              I understand the whole lets explore the humanity of comics thing. It’s an interesting take. But now every thing super hero is dark, angry and gory. I am not saying that does not belong with this story I am just saying it’s something I am so sick of it turns me off to this.


              DC needs to get back to its “roots”.

              This trying to “NOT” look like the eM-She-U (and work in a dark and gloomy place), is wrong.

              WE need the DCEU to go back to the days of the inspirational Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Christopher Reeves Superman.  Batman can stay with either the Christian Bale or Michael Keaton version.


                Watched The Suicide Squad, and it’s fucking great 🤩🤩🤩

                R-rated to it’s full potential, fantastic characters arcs, both hilarious and emotional, 10/10


                The Suicide Squad | Movie REVIEW


                The Suicide Squad RETURNS! It isn’t woke, it’s fun, bloody and hilarious at times. A good film in a sea of GARBAGE. Here are my SPOILER FREE thoughts.

                I skip this one. Refund my money for the first one.


                  Nerdrotic: It get’s a little slow at times

                  ??? Slow?! Damn, you want your movies to be hyperactive?? Jokes aside, i agree with 99% of what Nerdrotic said, but i prefer this soundtrack to the 2016 one :3

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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