Ukraine, a war or a money laundering event?

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      So Putin clearly started this war.  I am not so certain we did not egg him on in hopes he would.  Why would we do such a thing?  Well as I heard it said recently, Afghanistan was the money laundering capital of the world for decades.  Until we pulled out.  So a new corrupt center was needed so “operations” could continue.  Low and behold here comes Ukraine. Now billions of newly minted dollars go there while people in their home countries deal with unsustainable energy prices, food prices and some shortages that look like they will only get much much worse.

      I theorize this war ,at this point, is nothing but a huge trough for the war pigs to feed at.  And as such it will go on (like Afghanistan) for a long time.

      This war is not righteous, it is not the business of the US and anyone claiming virtue points off supporting it is a fool in my opinion.



      I agree with most of what you wrote.

      This “war” began way before Putin sent any military people in.

      The “civil war” with Russian separates, the regime installed in Ukraine, etc.


      Were the States just in their attack/war on Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and Libya for his attacks/support of terrorists that targeted Americans?

      Then ask yourself:

      Were the Russians just in their attack/war on Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy and Ukraine for their attack/support of those targeting Russians?



        What I know is this. Every time we (the US) goes “nation building” the place we just left or pledged to stop screwing with is worse off and we end up finding out it was based on little to nothing and billionaires made billions off the back of the tax payer. Libya is one of those places.  I suspect the same is true with Ukraine.

        Yes Putin invaded Russia.  That’s on him.  But did we make the situation so that that was a likely scenario?  Possibly and likely.

        And now that the ball is rolling they can make trillions all the while blaming it on Putin.  It’s as if after Hitler ended his life we still needed him so we all but invent one every so often.

        I heard someone say on a podcast recently (Tim Pool maybe) that if you want to know who the US will be fighting in 20 years see who we are funding now.  Looks like Ukraine is on deck.


        Means nothing when they ban anyone and anything to do with Russia just because of what’s going on. Stupid idea if you ask me.



          It FLOORS me how people who claim to be tolerant and understanding are willing to absolutely hate and write off an entire country of people as if they are doing this themselves.  If that’s how we should all think about one another then I hope those same people don’t mind being damned to hell by other parts of the world where the US goverment interfered.

          Making the Russian people suffer because of Putin is wrong.  Yes I get the whole “well they will overthrow him then”.  Well guess what, NONE of that is up to the USA.

          I have a fairly liberal friend.  At the onset of this thing they cheered it on saying this could be the next Poland and if Hitler had only been stopped there the world would be different.  I recall finding that very short sited as it obviously is cherry picking history.



          I don’t remember us banning anyone and anything from Germany in WW2 unless I’ve miss-read that in History class!


            That’s actually a really great point.  I am not certain if ALL of Germany’s population was “cancelled” from the world like is being done to Russia now.  I mean it could have I just am not sure of what was done economically at the time.  I am not certain anyone had that kind of time to react in such a way.  Although at that point in world history I think most countries were more or less self reliant.  So secluding a country economically was not then what it is now in this global economy junk.

            Although I assume anyone of German descent post WW2 was treated with suspicion.  Pretty sure that was the case.

            But as I heard someone say recently, “people are people they are not their governments”.  I firmly believe hatred begets more hatred.


              To illustrate how silly and hateful things have gotten. I have seen on some tech sites that it’s now a news story that Intel and other tech companies actually allow Russian people to download updates and drivers.  The horror!




                All war (at least in recent years) is about profit in the end.

                The USA needed to stay out of it, and NOT fund anything for anyone anywhere. NO money to other countries. We have given so much unfathomable amounts of money to other countries while we have a SERIOUS mental health and homeless problem in this country that has blossomed in the past few years. It’s really bad now. All that money could have been used to stop that. I am sick of not feeling safe to go wandering around at night (since I live on night shift) in the smaller college town I live in on my time off work like I used to because of the rampant homeless here now.



                  Dude, it’s FAR worse then just wasting money on endless wars.  Those problems you describe like rampant homelessness and mental health problems.  Those are not organic problems and to be frank throwing money at them does nothing.  But those issues exist because of the missteps (some might say intentional) by the same people who perform the endless wars.  Essentially the political elites and the corporate elites have caused all these issues.  They are the root.  Whether it is social engineering or just bad decisions.  Here we are. Personally I lean towards much of it being intentional.

                  I don’t say any of that to make it seem hopeless.  It is not although they want you to think it is.  People just have to keep fighting back through informed voting and (for now) legal protesting.  I have seen some positive movement made for the first time I can recall.


                    I am saying they are not spending money on problems here at home, they are giving it to the rest of the world to “try and fix” THEIR problems. I mentioned the homeless and mental health issue as an example as to what could be done with OUR money here.

                    The lack of funding to metal health IS an issue, because what is one of the first things to get cut in funding? Mental Health, or it has been that way in my state for a long time now. So, “throwing money” at that problem would indeed help because it would get them off the streets, they are homeless, and into facilities to get them help. Those facilities closed because they cut funding. There would have been no need to close them with money we gave other countries. I work in health care, I have seen all of this first hand. I have seen the difference of lack of funding brings to the nearly 8 years at my Hospital. The mental health facility at my Hospital had 36 beds 8 years ago, now it has 12. 12!!! Why? Funding. Now this town has rampant nut jobs walking the streets. Yes, there were some before, but NOT like it is now, not even close.

                    I’ll give you a real life example. My co-worker has a daughter who needed help with anxiety. Well, the lack of funding and available personnel was not enough. So, her daughter was NEVER was able to get anyone to see, she was on a list and a year later still not anyone to see, so she struggled. That is until recently when she entered college and had a campus psychiatrist to talk to. The money we gave other countries could have stopped that from happening. This is a rampant problem and has people running around with problems everywhere because there is no one to help them. Then the homeless rate goes up, and so does crime. It’s a domino effect and I have watched it happen over the past 8 yrs.

                    No, throwing money at many problems doesn’t exactly fix them. But, with what I have mentioned it would help a great many people and the effects them not getting help has to society.


                      I get what you are saying and I do not disagree with it.  I was speaking in broad generalities and I know it does not fit in each situation.  I guess my point was these same people blowing our money on wars abroad are usually our leaders which have done things to cause a rise in homelessness and mental health issues.  So in my view they are the cause of the problems on both ends.

                      But to your point some things are underfunded and clearly more money helps there. I personally believe that mental health should be more readily available because so many folks have issues now.  I think asylums/mental hospitals should be brought back so those who are truly a danger to themselves and others have a place to go. Because for the most part they only end up in jail after committing a crime as I understand it.


                      Remember the botched pull-out of Afghanistan? One writer said that the only rationale for leaving that much equipment behind was if it was going to be used in a war against Russia next, so he called it. It’s actually embarrassing at this point how clear and obvious it is, and for that, I give Zelensky credit because he is a terrible actor and not a believable person. This move was so obvious that it makes a person question every conflict leading back to “Shock and Awe” and ask if all of them were extortion and money-laundering events in order to consolidate, centralize and vertically integrate the American economy into a caste system. It also makes one wonder what institutions were used to launder the money, like we have FTX now, but what was it in Afghanistan and Iraq and all the others? Even before Shock and Awe was Wag The Dog and Zelensky, being a “comedian,” makes this war look even more absurd and clear and obvious than those others, so after all this time, it’s being revealed what war is, which is staged theater to loot countries paying for them to make us slaves under a new overclass of people who did nothing but lie.

                      The points brought up above are very good ones. I see dumb comments from the stupid all the time about how “Russia is a terrorist state”, as the global community takes it out on Ballerinas or Ice Skaters, or Beauty pageant contestants, or circus performers, or ballroom dancers, or classical musicians, or any other human being that happens to be Russian.

                      But that would be last question I really have as someone who likes details, is how was the money laundered under Afghanistan, Shock and Awe, and every other conflict? Who did they use besides FTX? I would like to know that. I would like a list of the companies who fleeced us.


                        At this point I actually feel for the Russian people because they are being attacked on all sides for no reason.  I have always appreciated their traditional culture (not their goverment).  I think every nation is entitled to their own culture and even to think theirs is the best (just like I think USA is the best).  We have no right to try to tear it down.

                        As far as the money laundering in prior wars.  I think it was just the ol’fashioned way by moving money through multiple entities with overprices goods and services and everyone taking their cut.

                        And finally, I find the obviousness of all this depressing.  Why?  Because it is so damned obvious but we have a large section of the country cheering this nonsense on in spite of that.



                        I knew someone on another forum years ago who was from Russia and she was a very nice lady. We got along quite well.

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