Ukraine, a war or a money laundering event?

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    Other reading suggests that a lot surrounding COVID was also a money laundering event. I think they are all money laundering events to subsidize a western caste system that no one ever talks about.


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    Just because I pay someone to pour gas on the fire and don’t do it myself directly does not mean I am not partially responsible for the fire.

    well the options the collective west has other than slowing Russia down without boots on the ground are basically to have boots on the ground and start a full scale war which would increase the risk of nuclear weaponry used. Not good. Second option is to roll over and not do anything and let Ukraine get occupied by an eternal shithole country. Not good. This is the best way to slow down and make Russian invasion sluggish and assist Ukraine in defending their independence.

    Um no.   I can have whatever opinion I want.

    of course, but your opinion is not an opinion but a false statement. I meant your statement of Zelensky not wanting to have any kind of agreement with Russia. That’s just a lie. Zelensky specificly put out his terms of ending the war. And it’s as simple as Russia kicking rocks and taking ever last of their soldier out of Ukraine and going back where they came from. Putin does not agree with this, he wants criterias which allow Russia to have Ukraine in a chokehold. Ukraine said fuck that and pushes back until either all of Ukraine is destroyed or Russia leaves. Ukrainians are proud people and would rather die than become a part of Russia again. It’s like in a hypothetical war between America and China, I highly doubt America would want peace with the criterias that China has the last word in American politics, Chinese becomes mandatory to teach in schools, the new curriculum in schools follow the distorted history teachings of China and that China would get to elect who is the president of USA and they would elect a friend of Xi Jinping.

    I won’t pretend to know for a second all the geopolitical shenanigans going on with this war.  I think it is a river that runs deep and wide and has been cooking for years.  But I do feel it is not at all anywhere near as simple as Putin bad, Zelensky good.  That is gross oversimplification.

    well you can simplify it like this: Ukraine corrupt and bad but trying to get rid of the post Soviet roots which are the biggest reason for the corruption there. Notice how all post soviet russia countries were corrupt shitholes for a while, gee I wonder what is the reason for that? But some of them have cut ties and prospering economically and culturally, even if it’s a slow process, like Finland and Estonia for example. Ukraine is in the stage now where they are trying to rebrand themselves and step away from soviet influence which trust me is a good thing. My country went through the same process.

    Russia on the other hand don’t want that, and are forcing post soviet countries to stay within reach so they are controllable. Finland used the economicslly and militarilt weak state of Russia after the collapse of Soviet Union to escape their grip, Russia doesn’t want Ukraine to escape from their grip either. So even if Ukraine is ”bad” and corrupt, they are not fucking invading and murdering countries and their people.

    And it’s an endless waltz for Russia. Study their history and you notice patterns. Throughout their history they have been a dictatorship and it’s really sad that they are full of natural resources and potential, but it’s all wasted as everytime they are prospering they end it with mindless genocide or wars and need go back to square one. Examples from recent history is their genocide of Finnish minorities after WW1, leading up to a civil war, great purge and fall of the Russian Empire, everything post WW2 culminating in the collapse of Soviet Union and now after this war, the economy and society of Russia again starts from zero. Every time they take one step forward they take three steps backwards. It won’t stop before Putin and the whole political system of Russia is dismantled.

    Instead of using their resources to grow their economy and prosper they use it to war, genocides and posing fear over others. Here’s an analogy: if you have a messy yard at your home and see that your neighbour is upgrading their own yard with new technology and resources, normal people would use their resources to upgrade their own as well. Russia functions in the other way and uses their resources to buy sledgehammers and go fuck up the neighbour’s yard.


    And why would NATO have to address Russia’s issues? How about Russia just fucks off to their own shithole instead of invading countries and crying when the bullied gets help.

    And what lead to this “invasion”?

    The civil war against Russians in Ukraine.

    When nations go thru Balkanizations the west has always cheering for the break up.

    But not for this nation, this situation.

    Who is protecting their nationals.

    When Russia had a list of demands to help keep Russians living in Ukraine safe, the west flatly said NO!

    I see Russia was forced into this situation of protecting ethnic Russians when the west refused.

    So I ask you, who is the REALLY BULLY.



    Yes, it’s already well-established that every single mass death event that the Ukrainians blame on Russia they did themselves.

    How about Russia stops shooting missiles at Ukraine?


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    Not sure if you saw this. I don’t even like Seymour Hersch, of Watergate fame, but here he is saying the Nordstream Pipeline was blown up by the west and not Russia. Did you fall for the false flag? It does not please me in any way to bring attention to this. You do NOT have to click and read if you don’t want to. This journalist is on the Far Left and he even says it was a false flag blamed on Russia.


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    Dawg you’re using Russian state owned media and the Russian government/Kreml tweets as your source. Do you have no source criticism? It’s like saying the murderer is innocent and using as proof/source the murderers own words


    I do not speak ebonics or slang. Is Seymour Hersh Russian?
    Your media said that Russia blew up the pipeline. That was clear disinfo and a lie that the entire media ran with.
    The first casualty of war is the truth.

    The news is Brought to You by Pfizer. How many people have been murdered by Big Pharma?


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      God help us.


      War Is a Racket: Wall Street’s Outrageous Profiteering in Ukraine | SYSTEM UPDATE
      Glenn Greenwald


      Is Seymour Hersh Russian?
      Your media said that Russia blew up the pipeline. That was clear disinfo and a lie that the entire media ran with.

      No, ”my media” claims nothing can be said with certainty before investigations are over. It is still a worldwide mystery who did it. I fead the Seymour Hersh thing and it was a nothing burger. No evidence what so ever, just theoretical speculations about why America could have done it. But as for now, there is no evidence for anything.

      I can’t seem to find the pictures you posted about the hidden bio labs and chemicals used but I saved them and will post the, again here above, and I traced the picture back to the original post and was not very surprised to see the original source: Kreml twitter account, and it was later redistributed by the Russian embassy in Singapore’s twitter account. That’s what I meant. Your sources are literally the Russian government propaganda on twitter.


      @comicsgate for someone who yap about fake news it is mind blowing that you use Russia’s government tweets as source. Talk about spiraling down the rabbit hole of propaganda



      I was going to take at least a week off from this site. Feel I’m posting too much, but here we go.
      The Nordsteram pipeline was a lie and propaganda.
      The missiles pointed at Poland was, as well.

      I did indeed remove those photos, only because they seemed cluttery. You may post them as many times as you wish. Are there BioLabs in Ukraine? In the other thread, I posted video from a guy who says that is truth. Also, this conflict has been ongoing since 2014. NATO propaganda is outright lies and falsehoods, but the USA seems so powerful, that the truth does not seem to even really matter.


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