What anime are you currently watching/just watched?


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    Well since I bought fairy tail collection 2 and 3 I am watching them.


    My woman has me watching The Misfit of Demon King Academy, and oh my goddess the number of potential waifus in this one show alone! She also started watching an anime based on one of her damn dating sims. Thankfully she isn’t making me watch it.


    I am going on an anime buying spree, watching seven deadly sins now.


    Re-watching: Rise of the Shield Hero



    Is the Order a Bunny? (slice of life/comedy/shoujo) – found out about this last Winter when I visited Japan for the first time.

    Gundam Builders Re:Rise



    Currently Watching: Gundam 00 and How Many Dumbells Can You Lift?

    Finished: Japan Sinks 2020


      Just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood   ^﹏^

      Conclusion: i love both FMA03 and FMAB

      I did post a sorta mini review on my Fullmetal Alchemist thread, and i promise i’ve stopped posting cats on there… i should also put a spoiler alert on that thread 😅


      Anime that

      -I Just Watched:

      Tokyo Ghoul(Years ago)

      Tokyo Ghoul Root A(Years ago)

      Akame Ga Kill(Months ago)

      S-Cry-Ed(Years ago)

      Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures(1 Month ago)

      Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures Stardust Crusaders Season 1(Weeks ago)

      Kingdom Season 1(1 or 2 Months ago)

      My Hero Academia Seasons 1(years ago), 2(years ago), 3(years ago), 4(months ago)

      Soul Eater(Months ago)

      Attack on Titan Season 1(Years ago), 2(Years ago), 3(Months ago)

      Gundam Wing(A year ago)

      G Gundam(A year ago)

      Gundam Seed(Years ago)

      Gundam 00 Season 1(A Year ago)

      Tower of God(4-6 Months ago)

      Gundam Compilation Trilogy(Years ago)

      Gundam 08th MS Team(Years ago)

      Gundam AGE(Years ago)

      Gundam X(Year ago)(2 times)

      Knights of Sidonia(Years ago)

      Ajin(Years ago)

      Dragon Quest Your Story(Multiple Times)

      Kengan Ashura Season 1(A year or few months ago) and 2(Months ago)

      Blame(Years ago)

      Netflix’s Godzilla Trilogy(Years ago)

      -I’m Currently Watching:

      Fullmetal Alchemist (Only seen 20 Episode but will watch the rest without rewatching)

      Kingdom Season 2(Only seen 27 Episodes but will watch the rest without rewatching)

      God of Highschool (Only seen 8 Episodes and it’s still on going)

      Space Runaway Ideon(Only seen 9 Episodes and will watch the rest without rewatching as well as the Compilation Film Trilogy)

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        Here is a list of the anime that I’m currently watching:

        • Black Clover
        • My Hero Academia
        • Fire Force
        • The Promised Neverland
        • Made in Abyss

        Here is a list of what I just watched:

        • Demon Slayer
        • Blue Exorcist
        • Assassins Pride
        • Food Wars



          Watching Noragami, it’s got great music, great animation, some hilarious scenes, and random cats popping up in every episode :3

          Here’s a funny scene from it, it cuts off at the end so i suggest pausing it to finish reading the subs 😁

          Also here’s a kitty from Noragami

          noragami cat

          Re-watched The Cat Returns

          And watched a new anime cat movie A Whisker Away

          I love cats  ^﹏^  <3

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          Started watching In/spectre. It’s been on my “to watch” list for a while. Only watched the first episode so far; it’s a “Hero & Heroine” story in a supernatural thriller, featuring beautiful artwork and animation. Quite like the two main characters already, and the dub isn’t half-bad, either. There’s plenty of anime with a focus on Japanese mythology and folktales, so consider this a potential watch if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

          [Obligatory Promotional Poster]:

          Screenshot_2020-09-06 In-Spectre-Anime-Visual-001-20191121 jpg (WEBP Image, 1080 × 729 pixels)


          Just finished rewatching Rune Soldier Louie, I’m watching Record of the Lotus War next…8fc6a00db5c971d297f70c80e8854e5c


          I just finished season one and about halfway through season 2 for this hilariously cute and fun slice of life anime (Is the Order a Bunny?).  I have actually seen a picture regarding this anime last Winter when I first visited Japan.  The main female character is in a certain way, a total airhead as she works over at a cafe and comes across a girl with what is supposedly a “bunny” on her head.  Music is catchy (especially the endings).  Some of the jokes are hilarious.  One of the girls literally gets a bit “high” from one drink of iced coffee in a can but is practically afraid of rabbits.  Another girl is a TOTAL tsundere.  If you can deal with the cuteness and some of the odd scenarios for this slice of life anime, I think you might enjoy it.







          I’m not a big anime person but I have been starting to go through the old Ranma 1/2 shows on blu-ray.  Outside of that I gotta go back to the 90’s when I was into a few things like Tenchi Muyo, Battle Athletes Victory, and Urusei Yatsura.



            I just found out Cinnamoroll has his own movie, randomly found it on youtube, but for some reason i can’t save it, so i’m saving it here, ’cause i don’t f***ing feel like watching it tonight 😊

            Cinnamoroll the Movie


              Re-watched Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods 🐱

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