What anime are you currently watching/just watched?

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    I have gone back to re-watch Zoids: New Century. I love the Liger Zero, the music and the quality of the animation.


    I just started watcing Gundam 00 Season 2 and Macross this week. I finsihed watching Season 2 of Gundam Today. I’ve just seen Macross Episodes 7, 8, 9 today. Watched Macross Episode 4, 5, 6. Yesterday. Seen Macross Episodes 1, 2, 3 on Monday.


    I just finsihed watching the God of Highschool Anime.


      Finally Watched Digimon Last Evolution! 😸

      Damn, i was crying my eyes out at the end of it 😭

      But it also has one of the most hilarious scenes i’d ever seen in Digimon 🤣 Probably ’cause i was never expecting to see such a scene in Digimon… They weren’t joking in the trailer when they said the Digi-destined are all grown up…


      I got around to finally watching Digimon Adventure tri part six.

      Overall, I liked the whole saga, including the themes of growing up and having to take responsibility for one’s actions (Tai wanting to avoid collateral damage, Joe wanting to take control of his own future, etc). But I can’t help but feel like something’s missing. I dunno. It’s been twenty years since I saw the original show. I should really re-watch it someday.


      **Slight Spoilers**

      Also, I do recall the second generation of the DigiDestined from season two, and was a little curious as to there they were, but I figured they weren’t mentioned because they weren’t deemed important for the story. But turns out the whole time they’d been stuffed into pods. That strikes me as a really weird thing to do with them. They could’ve easily mentioned they took a trip to Canada in the first movie and the result would’ve been the same.


        I personally really liked Digimon Tri 😸 It’s been a couple of years since i watched it, but i don’t remember ever feeling like something was missing, but then, i tend to re-watch Adventure and Adventure 02 a lot, i wouldn’t be surpised if i’ve watched the full seasons 5 times or more!

        **Another Slight Spoiler**

        Adventure Tri part 1 litterelly starts with the Adventure 02 Digi-destined getting their asses kicked, even though we never see their faces, it’s even mentioned somewhere thruout the series, so the main mission in Digimon Tri is a rescue mission, to rescue the Adventure 02 Digi-Destined

        We do get to see the Adventure 02 Digi-destined again in Last Evolution, and they have some of the funniest scenes in the movie, but the funniest scene imo goes to Tai and Agumon, i will not spoil that 😁


          I dropped a little review for Digimon Last Evolution here, even though i didn’t get to see it in cinemas, damn c-bug 😑

          Cinemas are back! Post your movie reviews here :D

          Spoiler Free 🤫


          Thinking on it I believe Adventure 01 gave the protagonists an objective and overall goal to reach – In tri they had little to no clue what was going on and could only react to whatever happened next. A mystery plot is fine, but what was missing was the actual sense of adventure or discovery.

          And I never got the impression that finding out what happened to the DigiDestined 02 and rescuing them was the priority? The whole story revolved around Mei and Meicoomon, their friendship with the main cast and basically trying to save the world. In all of that, DigiDestined group 2 ended up being treated as an afterthought.


            Just started watching Digimon Adventure 2020

            Too soon to tell how good the reboot’s gonna be, but i’m hoping for the best, especially with the amount of easter eggs from other Digimon seasons, i’m hoping for a cross over 😁

            I will say, it’s wierd to see the Digi-destined the same age as they were in the original series with smart phones, and smart Digi-vices !?!

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            Been getting really into Detective Conan lately *coughwifecough*, pretty much watching it with the wife. I’m thinking about watching from the beginning, and I know it’s creeping up to the 1000’s, but that never stopped me when I saw One Piece from the beginning.  I’m also currently watching it’s spin off, Magic Kaito.


              Great chioce, Detective Conan’s fantastic 👍 If you’re streaming it, could you please tell me where? It’s one of my favorite animes, but i’ve never been able to find the whole thing beginning too end


                In the middle of watching Digimon Adventure 2020, i was a little skeptical initially on Digimon getting a reboot, but up to now, aside from a few tiny nitpicks, i’ve only been plesantly surprised, the story really picks up around episode 10, and i hope it keeps getting better 😸

                Also watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, can really realate to Misato, her house’s a pigsty and she lives off cup-noodles, just like me 😁🐷🥡

                Re-watching Ojamajo Doremi 🎵, i haven’t watched this anime since i was a litte kid, this is another show that re-watching it as a grown up and knowing a lot more about life, you really see how deep the stories and characters are


                I’ve finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and I’m almost finished watching Macross since I’ve watched episodes 28, 29, and 30 today. And I plan on watching a rest tomorrow.


                  I started watching Oishinbo which has started to be uploaded on Youtube with JP dub and ENG subs just recently. It’s a food focused older anime, I think SJWs would even call it nationalist as it has a clear bias towards japanese food over foreign food.



                  I’m watching Deca-Dence and I see a lot of potential in this anime. I’m loving it.

                  Ps: need to watch at least 4-5 episodes to really understand what’s going on. I was super confused at first, it was not what I was expecting… But it’s great. ;)

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