What games did you buy recently?

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    Definitely worth it at that price!




    Just finished Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition :) if The Last of Us Part 2 is a 10/10 Xenoblade is 20/10.


    It’s a great game, but I got bored after about 2 weeks. Should I stick with it and go back?


    P.S. Great site, great commentary. Thanks for all you do!


    I actually bought Turmoil, and it’s been very addicting. I know it’s more indie, but it’s a game I can casually pick up and turn off.

    I wish Zelda had a “review” feature so you can quickly see what you’ve done in the story so far and then keep playing after you’ve returned to it a few weeks or months later. I wish I had more time to just sit and play because that’s another awesome game.


    Got Xenoblade DE 2 weeks ago and it’s one of my favorite Switch games.


    Well, best we can hope for would be that the PS5 is backwards compatible (no denying yet) and I can play it off the discs. HOPEFULLY!! lol


      After TheLastFanfiction reminded me this exists I checked if it’s on sale in my country too and got a new copy of the starter pack, really the only pack you need if all you care about is the Nintendo exclusive Starfox stuff, for 12,99€. Just wish they would have not put the 6GB download warning on the game case since that’s not to be sold seperately anyway, kinda ugly. I was not expecting the Arwing to be as big as it is, you can even move the blue thrusters to emulate the boost.



      Loved that game. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did


        My most recent game purchase was:

        bl3 super deluxe



        I know I’m late to the game but I recently bought Star Wars: Battlefront 2 since it’s not a dumpster fire & riddled with bullshit micro-transactions like it was back at release. I gotta say it’s really fun & I’m glad that there’s still a community for the game so that match making queues don’t take forever. Also, I honestly thought I was gonna be at a massive disadvantage because a lot of players would have maxed out Star Cards but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was still able to somewhat hold my own & get kills.


          Using the gold coins from Xenoblade and Starlink I bought KUUKIYOMI 2: Consider it More! – New Era which was just released on the e-shop.

          This is a strange japanese game (translated) in which you are supposed to “read the room” and act accordingly, or not, a bit like Wario Ware because you’re playing 100 different situations in a row and get an evaluation of your considerations at the end.


          Honestly same. I like everyone better in the remake for the most part. Barret is even more entertaining and he was my favorite from the original.

          Can’t wait for Cid, Vincent and going to Gold Saucer.


            Astral Chain and some Visual novel that was 99 cents. haha
            New to the platform, looking forward to checking out it’s library. Mario Odessey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are 2 titles that really interest.



            Pokemon Shield since the expansion dropped this week and Final Fantasy XIV.

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