When did Star Wars Die for me (and you).

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    The worst EU book (Darksaber) is better than the best things the rat has produced.


    I would say the worst EU book was Crystal Star. Darksaber at least had a few interesting lore points in it, and we had some Hutt action. Crystal Star was a total mess.



    I’ve only read a few of the books. I’ve read the first part of ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Lords of the Sith’ from the Disney EU but hadn’t been aware that they were from the Disney part of the EU until sometime later. I enjoyed ‘Lords of the Sith’ but I only wanted that for Vader and Palps being in it😅. I got lost a few times on ‘Aftermath’. I also have the novelisations of the prequel and original trilogy films which were great. The only EU book I’ve got is ‘The Rise of Darth Vader’ which I really enjoyed. I’m considering getting ‘Kenobi’ because of the Obi-Wan tv series *ignores weeping bookshelf that’s stacked with books as it is*.


    There is in effect a trilogy of books regarding EP3.

    Labrynth of evil, EP3 The rize of Darth Vader. The Kenobi book is also very good.

    Ok yes Crystal Star sucked ass too.



    Yes, I got lost reading ‘Aftermath’ as well. I found myself having to search back through it too figure out who characters were. The only reason I don’t join in accusations of Chuckie Wendig pushing his agenda with the book is that I found it so incoherent that I couldn’t see any signs of where he was trying to make any sort of point at all.

    I agree that there were some duds among the real Expanded Universe as well (two I really didn’t like were ‘Rogue Planet’ and ‘The Courtship of Princess Leia’) but the authors of those books never launched into any angry rants at people who didn’t like them.


    How could one not like Dathomier in its true glory?

    Ok yea there was some cringe shit in Courtship but the overall book was pretty good.


      I come from behind the iron curtain, so we didn’t have Star Wars until much later, and I saw them completely out of order, on horrible VHS copies.

      I first saw Empire Strikes back and loved it, to this day I think it is the best Star Wars movie.

      Then I saw Return of the Jedi and loved that too, but I did think it was a bit cheesy at times. But I’m such a toxic nerd, that my favorite scene of it always was Leia strangling Jabba, I’m so intimidated by strong female characters. (Yes that is sarcasm)

      I only saw A New Hope in the early nineties when it aired on TV here, and thought it was the weakest of the three by far.

      The first (and last) Star Wars I saw in a movie theater was Phantom Menace. And about the only thing I liked about it was the soundtrack. I mean I did not hate it, and watched it several times at home later, but it was kind of a disappointment really.

      Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were even more forgettable, they are on par with the Force Awakens to me.

      I didn’t hate force Awakens, maybe I was naive, and I did not realize what their goal was yet.

      Then to my surprise I really liked Rogue One, I think that’s the best Star Wars movie since the original trilogy.

      But then I saw the Last Jedi, and it all ended then and there. The movie franchise not just died for me, I put it on ignore. To this day I did not see Soilo, and Rise of Skywalker.

      As for the Mandalorian, I always though it was way overhyped. There was maybe two or three episodes from the first two seasons that I think were better than average. It has a few moments, but overall it did not reach its full potential. And now it probably won’t either. Funny thing too, that I did not like Gina Carano before, but I think she must have hired an acting coach because her act in the Mandalorian was so much better than any of her previous roles.


      Lets be honest; Mando is a 5/10 show.
      But compare that to the 1/10 rat films and it looks better.


      Sounds good thank you for the recommendation’s, I made a list gonna hit up a few used book stores just to get out of the house. But if not I’ll just hit up Amazon or ebay.


      It was The Last Jedi.

      Pure and simple.

      I like and own The Force Awakens. Its not great but I can watch it and still get some enjoyment out of it. I can see where it could have (and should have imho) gone. The Disney sequels could have been salvaged.

      A better/stronger script with respect for the audience and characters would have the best place to start. But even the script we got could have been vastly improved if they had reworked it into something a little more substantive.

      What do I mean by that? Glad you asked.


      Imagine the scene with Finn and Rey aboard the Falcon talking to Han if it had gone something like this:

      Han tells them: “something happened to the Force. It changed in some way and became “wilder” for lack of a better word. It began to make some users more reckless and arrogant. (Remember Yoda, Mace and Obi-Wan talking about this in AOTC?) It became a potentially even more corrupting influence and Luke had to go in search of answers.”

      This could have been used to explain Rey’s abilities as well as how The Jedi began losing their connection to the Force in the prequels and were unable to sense a Sith Lord in their own back yard for all those years. It also could have been hinted that this was an additional factor in Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side. It certainly could have added more weight to his story than being a mass murdering stalker over a girl he barely knew and hadn’t seen in roughly a decade. It could also serve to explain how the Jedi somehow never found out what he did and how he was able to hide his relationship with Padme.

      Han could have further explained: “Luke’s top student Kylo Ren was left to try and hold things together while Luke was away. But then Snoke came into the picture. He corrupted Kylo who then abandoned everything he believed in and destroyed the academy. This caused Luke to follow Yoda’s example and go into permanent exile.”

      During the course of the film Rey is still captured by Kylo who tries to corrupt her and use her to help track Luke down. Things don’t go as planned and instead she somehow gains new insight into the Force and has actual character growth in the process. Han still confronts Kylo and is killed and Kylo still gets shot by Chewie. This combined with his fears and weakness of character (that we learn about early in the film) and guilt for killing Han all adds up to Rey somehow managing to survive her encounter with him. He still runs away to lick his wounds fearful of what Snoke might do to him and Rey goes off to find Luke in the hopes of him being brought back into the fight.

      And to wrap this all up in a nice big bow – THIS could have been a way to fulfill the prophecy of Anakin being the chosen one who brings balance to the Force through Luke and then Rey.

      How does that sound? Not perfect I know but don’t you think it could have helped make the film a little better? At the very least it could have been a starting point for a better writer than I to make something even more interesting.

      But none of that happened.

      Instead we got Rian Johnson’s subverted IQ, I mean expectations, (I always get those two mixed up) and got “The Amazing Wonder Rey” a Verizon Wireless commercial, and “Yo Mama” jokes. And I, like so many of you, had to watch in disgust and outrage as one of my fictional heroes was infantilized. Rian Johnson destroyed Luke Skywalker, and by association the entire franchise, when he reduced him to literally being more interested in drinking milk out of a bottle than being the character we all loved and respected. What happened Rian, couldn’t you find a way to work a stuffed animal and his favorite blanket into the story as well? Rey was very fortunate that Luke was already potty trained, or she probably would have spent half the film using Ahch-To’s Jedi changing station.

      Disney went to all the time and expense of buying the Star Wars franchise you’d think they would have treated it, and us, much better. They should have taken their time and meticulously plotted out the best possible use of their new IP. They could have consulted with the best sci-fi writers around. Star Wars and non Star Wars alike. In short, they should have cared more. They should have treated Star Wars like any other rare and fragile thing and kept it out of the hands of people who could potentially damage it. They should have been as protective of Star Wars as we’ve always been.


      Disney wanted Star Wars to continue so they could make more money.

      We wanted Star Wars to continue because we love the characters and the universe they exist in. And we wanted it to continue in the hopes that it could still be going strong another half century from now entertaining generations of new fans as yet unborn.

      Its truly a pity those two goals couldn’t have converged at some point.


      Star Wars didn’t exactly die for me so much as it ended with Episode 6. I’ll admit that I did enjoy The Force Awakens, Rogue One and even The Last Jedi which I was actually meant to see on my birthday that year. I ended waiting up until New Year’s Eve to see it. I admit that I didn’t quite understand the hate that movie was getting at the time until I started watching Jeremy’s Youtube channel, then I started paying attention. After a while, I decided after TLJ that this wasn’t the Star Wars I grew up watching. Far as I’m concerned, the entire Star Wars sage is comprised of 6 episodes total. The three from Disney are nothing more than bad fan fiction, which is something I know well. The Force Awakens is still okay, but The Last Jedi is piss poor and I didn’t even bother with The Rise Of Skywalker. Jedi: Fallen Order is pretty much the only affiliation I have with Star Wars, although I have considered picking up the OG and Prequel Trilogies. Like I said, the Disney Trilogy is bad fan fiction.


      Yea to date I have never seem Soylo, or the Razi of Palpatine.

      There is no reason to do so.


      Yea to date I have never seem Soylo, or the Razi of Palpatine.

      There is no reason to do so.


      Just watch Mauler ravage them…much more entertaining.

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