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      Here if you have the desire to post your figurines and goodies collection it’s the place :

      I will try to update mine in the coming days

      I knew my ipad camera sucked, but I still hoped better than that :



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      This is a reaper minis product they named Mal’Drakar to get around licensing crap. Everyone knows its Tiamat the queen of dragons from the D&D mythos. For scale reference the base is 10×14″ Wingspan is 16″
      Takhisis 03

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        Really awesome man!

        I just got done yesterday pulling some of my things out of storage.  Like you I am not sure where to start.  lol

        Making room here, as I had gotten my son an insane amount of lego figures. From Star Wars, Halo, Transformers, Castle Theme, fantasy.  Got to get pictures of all those too.  But going to start with my Warhammer/fantasy mins.

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      Id post more but with nearly 2000 finished 28mm figures I wouldnt know where to start.

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        Wow it’s a lot indeed, I only did some light repaint on figurines that were “weak”

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      Finished this an hour ago
      hobgoblin thief.

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      I don’t have any painted collectibles, but here’s some of my misc. collection.

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        Nice Venom

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        Cool, looks awesome Opunaya

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        My attention went straight to Darkwing (my 2nd favorite Cartoon of all time) then I saw the Juliet Starling. Nice.

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      Here’s attempt number three to post to this thread. A company of Praetorian 24th Imperial Guard.


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        My lab would see me setting that up on the floor and divebomb it.

        she is a pain in my ass.

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          Thankfully I have no pets. Especially since those figures are mainly lead.

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            I prefer lead for PCs and only recently started buying plastic for monsters and dragons.

            The plastic just doesnt have good resolution on man sized figures.

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        Thats great, nice one bud

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        Good job Dragonbane, they look great mate

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      It’s not just guard I collect. This is the core of a Snake Bite clan feral ork army made using Age of Sigmar fantasy orruks. The battlewagon has bee converted with wooden wheels instead of tracks and a steam boiler powered by coal.



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        Cool, nice one bud

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      20190924_155928Couple of my figures, started collecting First 4 Figures last year. I have a few on order and waiting for delivery of a couple too

      Just waiting for a display cabinet i bought before lockdown to be delivered, so i can display them properly

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              Screenshot_20200523-103312_Samsung Experience Home

              They sent 4 of the same one by accident but i let them know and they got a courier to pick the extras up

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                These are my sons Skylanders and Disney Infinty, he is 16 now and doesn’t play them games anymore, saving them for when he has kids 😀

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      As Im a tabletop gamer I sometimes need groups of figures to represent army factions. Ive been forced to improvise as Ral Partha is the only group that had licensing for dragonlance figures and they went out of business when TSRT went under. (Yes they still exist under a new name- they dont have the rights to mint new molds of the old D&D products.)

      Ive been using these to represent random Knights of Solamnia. I think I have 18 of them now each is in a different cloak and some have been modified. I added the second weapon to this one instead of using the shield he was supposed to be holding. Solamnic knight 17

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      since all armies need an opposing force Im using these for the Dragonlance Knights of Takhisis. I have a few less of these I need to get more to make the forces even.

      Again some have been modified. And they have different cloaks to tell them apart. Ok mods why is it on its side? That makes no sense.
      knight of Takhisis 04

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      No dragonlance game would be complete w/o Draconians so Ive been making those too.

      Baaz 05

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      Started this vampires around 7 hours ago. Im calling her done now.

      Vampire 07

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      Given that I like to convert figures as well as just use the standard out of the box configurations my collection includes variations on the standard figures such as this female member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a tech -priestess, converted from an Amazon figure.



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        I love doing conversions. Some times they are amazing and others they dont end up looking as I intended. This one is one of my favorites.

        Damn why is it sideways again? So anyway; this figure had wings and the tail added and the left arm replaced so he had two swords.

        Sivak 06

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      20200709_123906Game of thrones.   My friends are alcoholics.  Notice no Season 8 Blu-ray!

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        Nice one Kimberly, looks great. Not a fan of the finale then i take it? It was a bit disappointing wasn’t it 😔

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      I don’t think my previous post worked.

      Here are some of my 12″ Monty Python figures.

      Unfortunately, the ones with a front flap I just had on top of my bookcase.


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        I agree Kimberly, that is an awesome collection and cool display Legatus. Looks fantastic, good job bud

        I love Holy Grail 😁  ‘bring out your dead’ ‘im not dead’ 😂

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          It would be more impressive if the three that have those fronts could be displayed;

          Tim the Enchanter

          The Black Knight

          The Dead Collector (just out of sight.)

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        Cool collection

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      I also got The Munsters (Herman & Lily) Captain Hook, and The Wicked Witch of the West.


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      I also have some Star Trek.



      Gotta love those Mirror Universe uniforms!

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      Amazing how many Star Trek ones they Made.

      By-The-Way, those open ones are the actual ones from the 70’s.


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      I was running out of top-shelf space, so I had to pack more in that I would have liked.



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      I also have to stack the on each other, as I ran our to top shelf space.


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      I’m going to have to whip out old D&D figures here.  Legatus Legionus has quite an impressive collection!!

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        Thanks @KimberlyG.

        With them in “Un-Opened” condition (except the original’s from the 70’s), it was not a cheap collection to get.

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      Wargaming miniatures aren’t the only thing I collect. I got into these via RPGs and have built up a collection of books that are no longer in print for both West End Games’ version of Star Wars and Fasa’s Star Trek:



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        Nice one Stephen, cool beans

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      Cool collection Venom, looks great

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      Got couple more delivered the other day. Bought these from somebody in the F4F facebook group. I already had the Praise the Sun Edition (the orange one in the middle), but got an extra one which ill just give to my son bc it was a nice deal for the 3 of them and he didn’t want to split them up. I have the Artorias on the left on order from the website for him too20200710_141812

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      I remembered this old picture I took of another collection I have…


      This is a bit out of date now.

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        Classic M1918 that is a piece of history there.

        I think im seeing an M1 in there too. Those are great guns.

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          I don’t have an M1918. If you’re thinking about the gun to the left in the cover, that is a Mark 1 Bren (although with a Mark 2 barrel), but yes there is an M1 Garand in there as well as the M1A1 Thompson.

          The oldest gun in the photo is a Martini-Henry dating from the late 1800s, just to the left of the Garand, while the most modern that can be seen is probably the L85A1 further to the right.

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            Since I played BF3 I want a M1 garand

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            oops. Always did the get the call numbers for the BAR and the Thompson backward. Great guns either way.

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              Thanks. One of the real prizes of the collection doesn’t fit the wardrobe though:

              Vickers Gun

              My great grandfather used one of these in WW1 and so when I found one for sale I had to buy it.

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      Not got much to show, but here’s a section I have dedicated to One Piece:


      May upload more in the future.

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      Alright guys, so i finally got the cabinet i bought from a charity shop in March. We went in to lockdown 2 days before it was due to be delivered. Done a bit of rearranging and finally i can display my figures.  What do you think? Im made up with it


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        Incase the video went to fast, here are my physical ps3/4 games. I have a bunch digitally too


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      I gotta post mine’s here. I have a HUGE collection and many expensive statues LOL. Might get around to it tonight.

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      I just posted my pics up and it’s not showing…wtf? i reloaded and went back on website to see if still up…

      do any of you see it?

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        I don’t see any.

        Try one by itself.

        I don’t know if there is a limit on how many/size (memory) each reply can have.

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      seems work now. no more than two images it seems





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        OH, I tawt I taw a puddy tat!


        I did! I did taw a puddy tat!

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      WHEW A lot of posting and such! Hope you all enjoy part one of my collection!

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        Part 1 ! ? !

        Your home must be a mini-museum or something with all those sculptures.

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          Nah. All those I just posted are in my room. The other stuff I have are in the basement. more statues, and shelves of Manga and more art books.

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        Awesome collection and displays Chris, looks great

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          Thanks Bro! Speaking of, just last night, i preordered a new statue by Prime 1 studio of Skull Knight from berserk!


          SKULL KNIGHT



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            Nice, thats cool. I haven’t seen Beserk but was debating getting the F4F Skull Knight, its a bit more of a dynamic pose than Prime and they have a ‘bone’ variant, have you seen them. They have an awesome Guts on F4F in stock too which i would love to get but ive got quite a lot on order already and trying to save for a ps5 each for me and my son in November. I wont be ordering more figures until next year now i think. Got about 7 on order from F4F that are almost due to ship. Paying shipping for Artorias Life Size Bust next week, then, hopefully Mario and Yoshi a fortnight after that.

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              You should check out Berserk! I think you’d like it and be something up your ally.


              I also pre ordered the F4F Skull Knight too. But I preordered it when I didn’t think the museum pose SK by Prime was going to come out. So i’ll end up with two SK. depending on situation, I might end up selling the F4F SK . who knows atm. I saw the Guts one too. I like that pose as well, but I just LOVE the Prime one standard pose but has so much detail added to it and option sticking the sword in monster’s head is neat. also puck the fairy elf, is included. I’m on the hunt and lookout for the Exclusive ver, which is sold out on Prime’s store. I miss out on it as I was unaware of the company at the time. The exclusive comes with an alternate head where guts is more demented, and I like that one the best..


              Cool on your statue collectioning! I hear ya that sometimes you need to limit yourself and take a break. I admit it can get addictive! lol. Another statue i ordered, is Oniri Creations’ City Hunter diorama. It look awesome.

              City Hunter statue 02

              City hunter statue01

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                Cool, yeah them others you have ordered look awesome too.  Ive been wanting to watch Berserk but they dont have it on Funimation or Crunchyroll. Same situation with Cowboy Bepop, thats another F4F have been making figures for and been recommended that i watch from people in the group. I’ll have to try get the dvd’s, i think Amazon have them so i’ll probably get them both from there

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                  If wanting to watch Berserk, I just recommend the 1997 anime series. The music alone carries the series. Also it only ends at cliff hanger and there are some important scene not in it. My suggestion is the manga. The three movies which is retelling of what the 1997 anime already covered is nice but the music lacks compared to the ’97 tv series. STAY AWAY from the current Berserk tv series. it’s horrendous due to horrible animation. If want watch the ’97 series one, best bet is dvd collection set.

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      My Psycho Mantis from F4F was delivered yesterday. Made up with it



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        Nice! I ordered a first 4 figure statue of Adult twilight midna. I payed off all but one payment which is suppose to be final payment before shipping. I’m still waiting on that invoice for fuck sake. I preorder this bastard back in 2018.

        this onemidna-web-v-def-01




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          Cheers bud. Yeah ive seen a couple of people in the F4F OCC mention about Midna. The regulars are being delivered now but the Ex got delayed because they had a problem with the glass casing. Somebody posted about it the other day and they replied ‘it shouldn’t be much longer umtil they start shipping Ex, maybe a month or two’. But then there is approx 6 weeks on the boat/customs and however long from local warehouse, usually a week or so. Awesome figure though, looks fantastic from the regular ones ive seen.

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            Awesome! Thanks for that notification. I can never find where they keep updates on status of products you order for F4F. Thank you for letting me know. So probably they head out to home roughly about Nov or DEC i imagine. Thanks!

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              No probs mate. You can find shipping updates on the website under ‘Calender’.


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              Shipping Calendar takes you to Trello. It says there that Definitive edition will be at warehouse by October for Canada and UK. No mention of US so i presume that will be November. They are taking final payments before they ship to warehouse now, so shipping for Canada and UK will probably be collected in September. And shipping for US will likely be collected in October as it normally takes about 6 weeks to ship to warehouse from factory?


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              You can always open a ticket on the website and ask for an update about anything if you like. Or come join the First 4 Figures Offical Collectors Club on Facebook if you use it. Good group of people there, the owners, mods and members will answer any questions they can, if not they’ll just tell you to open a ticket

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                AWW MAN! THANKS SO MUCH BRO! this helps out A LOT! lol

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                  You’re welcome bud, happy to help

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      I know this isn’t a picture exactly, but a few years ago I videoed my entire collection of Warhammer 40k models.

      It took two days to set up and another day to pack up afterwards. Then about two weeks later it was out of date.

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      My 3 Blood Angel’s Dreadnoughts: Tuco, Angel Eyes & Blonde



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        Very nice. Is the one on the left metal? The one in the centre looks like it could be the Assault on Black Reach model with a modified claw and terminator cyclone missile launcher added.

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      My Luigi figure from F4F arrived on Friday. Looks great. I love how bright Polterpup is 20200923_224051

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      • #192151


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      I don’t own many figures but I do own alot of posters IMG-2823IMG-2824IMG-2826IMG-2827

      (Note: Sorry that the pictures are upside down)

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      I started working on this almost a week ago. Unmodded figure was holding a sword and had some flying monkey thing on her other arm.

      Removed the sword and reshaped the arm to accept the staff and removed the left arm at the shoulder to get the one holding a goblet.

      Cell photo.
      white necromancer 04

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      Same figure older paintjob. Im about to reqaint this in its entirety cause I dont like the face and with the new one I can change the robes to black to better represent a necromancer which is what the figure is supposed to be. IMG_20201021_182716036

    • #196058

      The black sure looks better, IMO.

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      Cheeky Halloween figure I painted yesterday.
      Red robe magi 13red robe magi 14

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      Vampire mini I started last night. Might have gotten her done faster than I did but with these new mag lenses I kept finding flash that I didnt notice when I cleaned it and primed it.

      vampire 08

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        Nice.  Great job on your skeletons too!!

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      When Reaper was a new company they made this figure. Comes with wings but the wings are so small as to be silly so Ive never installed them in the three versions of this succubae Ive painted. This one I finished 15 min ago. Previous versions were blond and black haired.

      Vicki Succubae

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      No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to get the white smooth, a common problem I have when painting. Looking at the figure itself it looks fine but when I zoom in with the camera it looks blotchy and irregular.



      • #196796

        White or yellow are always some of the hardest to make look clean.

        Great figure.

        • #196841

          I don’t have much trouble with yellow any more. I used to use a pale brown coat beneath yellow but the newer Citadel paints don’t seem to need this.

          Their white is still a pain though. It often either clumps up and is difficult to spread evenly or adopts the consistency of milk and covers nothing.

          I’m thinking I would have been better using a white undercoat and then painting around the shirt, starting with the tie.

          The figure itself comes from Hasslefree miniatures in the UK. It is one of their resin masters so the casting quality is high and the price is higher than their metal figures.

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            The best trick for white is grey primer. Followed by multiple thin coats of different shades of white.

            Secondly never use Citadel white. That shit is always chalky. My current go to matte white is Army Painter and I have three others from Reaper that are visually white but with blue mixed in to give depth. Snowdrift white is great when it can be found; it was a seasonal paint last year. They also have two ‘vampire’ whites, mist and skin. V Skin is a off white and mist is almost the same as Army painter white.

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      Saber cat 01

    • #197243

      57mm Reaper figure. Started on her almost a week ago. Finished her up last night just waiting for it to warm up before I seal the paint.

      enlarged paladin 01
      enlarged paladin 02
      enlarged paladin 03

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      Here’s a picture that shows how my Imperial Guard army has developed since I first started collecting in the 1990s. The figure to the left is a 24th Praetorian painted in the style I used for many years before I finally decided it was time to update the army’s appearance. The centre figure a repainted 24th Praetorian (you can see the full company above). Finally to the right there is a figure from the army I am working on now.  This mimics the 24th Praetorians using a modern plastic Cadian with a resin head from Anvil Industries.




      Recently I’ve also uploaded three videos about collecting Imperial Guard that cover basic Cadians and getting the most for your money from them, alternatives produced by Games Workshop and also using parts and figures from other sources. These are all linked on my blog here.

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      A few years ago there was a question on the Reaper FB page asking to see your earliest work next to your latest work.

      I no longer have the first piece I painted but I did at the time have the 100th so I used that vs what may be well above 1100 figures later. Ironically a few weeks after I took this photo I repainted soth.

      old n new

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      Id forgotten how bad that photo is.

    • #198383

      So I worked on this dude two days ago. Never posted the pic.

      Really wanted to like the model but it has so much flash I must have bought the last use of an older mold. When I took it out of the bisterpack the R shoulder piece had a 1/4 tall blade on it that shouldnt be there.

      Knight of Takhisis 26

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      Finished this Shiva? figure 10 min ago. The glazing may not even be dry yet.

      Shiva 01
      Shiva 02

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