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    Here if you have the desire to post your figurines and goodies collection it’s the place :

    I will try to update mine in the coming days

    I knew my ipad camera sucked, but I still hoped better than that :




    This is a reaper minis product they named Mal’Drakar to get around licensing crap. Everyone knows its Tiamat the queen of dragons from the D&D mythos. For scale reference the base is 10×14″ Wingspan is 16″
    Takhisis 03


    Id post more but with nearly 2000 finished 28mm figures I wouldnt know where to start.


    Wow it’s a lot indeed, I only did some light repaint on figurines that were “weak”


    Really awesome man!

    I just got done yesterday pulling some of my things out of storage.  Like you I am not sure where to start.  lol

    Making room here, as I had gotten my son an insane amount of lego figures. From Star Wars, Halo, Transformers, Castle Theme, fantasy.  Got to get pictures of all those too.  But going to start with my Warhammer/fantasy mins.


    Finished this an hour ago
    hobgoblin thief .

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    I don’t have any painted collectibles, but here’s some of my misc. collection.


    Nice Venom


    Here’s attempt number three to post to this thread. A company of Praetorian 24th Imperial Guard.



    My lab would see me setting that up on the floor and divebomb it.

    she is a pain in my ass.





    Thankfully I have no pets. Especially since those figures are mainly lead.


    I prefer lead for PCs and only recently started buying plastic for monsters and dragons.

    The plastic just doesnt have good resolution on man sized figures.


    It’s not just guard I collect. This is the core of a Snake Bite clan feral ork army made using Age of Sigmar fantasy orruks. The battlewagon has bee converted with wooden wheels instead of tracks and a steam boiler powered by coal.




      20190924_155928Couple of my figures, started collecting First 4 Figures last year. I have a few on order and waiting for delivery of a couple too

      Just waiting for a display cabinet i bought before lockdown to be delivered, so i can display them properly

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 254 total)
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