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      Final Fantasy VII Remake was the best game, released in 2020, I played..

      Most of the games I played last year werent released in 2020, though.


        This is on my “to get” list.
        I’ve just so overwhelmed with games, right now, I cant justify paying over 20-30 bucks for one I dont have.


          The fact you didnt say 1 reason you like Ghost of Tsushima and went on a  TLOU2 rants shows that it’s not really your Game of the Year. You’re just buying into Sony’s politicising of 2 different titles they publish, in order to get maximum profit.

          If anything, the politicising of the 2 games shows was marketing genius on Sony’s part and shows how easily both sides can be played.


          Werewolf: The Apocalypses – Heart of the Forest

          It’s more of a visual novel than a game but it’s a great experience!


          Mine would have to be Cyberpunk, mostly due to the lack of new games I played in 2020. This doesn’t mean I’m belittling Cyberpunk. Over 100 hours in, beat it, and really enjoyed the story. Sad about the state it was in. Looking forward to when it gets out of the paid beta, a few DLC’s are dropped, and I can do a fresh 2nd playthrough. Also played it on my 7700k/1070 on the lowest preset settings, lol!


          Ghost of Tsushima is my #1 for 2020, yea the game didn’t do anything new it executed everything so well. And the story really pulled me in and developed perfectly. The end of act 2 right through to the end of the game was just amazing, and the ending…just wow.

          FF7R would be #2 for 2020, very excited and curious to see where they take the story in part 2.


          Ghost of Tsushima for me as well.

          Last of us 2 was gorgeous, the game play was great, but the story made me want to kill myself lol I don’t think it deserved game of the year.

        Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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