Wolverine Costume from Deadpool & Wolverine Revealed

Even the best there is at what he does needs a refreshing soft drink from time to time. Ever since those first images and videos of Wolverine fighting Deadpool in the desert found their way online, Marvel fans have been anticipating finally seeing Logan in a comics-accurate costume on film. Now, we’ve got a better idea of what it will look like. The Movie Podcast, a Canadian entertainment series, posted an image and video of a Coke cup from CinemaCon featuring the lead characters from Deadpool & Wolverine, and while Deadpool looks like he has in the last two movies, Wolverine is decked out in a suit very close to what he wears in the comics. This is artwork, so it’s not a photo of Hugh Jackman in costume, but it’s likely a good representation of what we’ll see in theaters this July 26 when the film is released. You can see the image and video below:

I like it a whole lot. It’s still got the sleeves, but other than that, it’s ripped right out of the comics. They went with a dark blue for the gloves, shoulder pads, and stripes, almost heading towards black, which should look nice in the movie. The mask appears to be black, which, again, is in line with the comics. I wonder if these cups are a CinemaCon exclusive or if they’ll be available at movie theaters when the film opens. If so, it’ll have to be at AMC, because Regal, the country’s other big theater chain, has stopped serving Coke and now only offers Pepsi products. I hope they do turn up elsewhere because the cups are pretty neat. I like what the images say about the characters as well; Wolverine is all business, showing off his claws and letting us imagine what he can do with them, while Deadpool is goofing off in one of his silly poses. It suggests a fun contrast between the two in the film, sort of like buddy cops who have to get past their animosity and work together, replete with their classic looks. It’s cool that we’re going to see this costume in action, and it makes me wonder what else Deadpool & Wolverine has in store for us.

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