Bo-Katan is Not Replacing The Mandalorian

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Katee Sackhoff clarified that her character Bo-Katan Kryze will not replace Din Djarin as the titular Mandalorian in the show of the same name. Fans (myself included) have suspected just such a switcheroo following season 3, which focused heavily on the fallen Mandalorian Duchess. Check out what Sackhoff had to say here:

“No. I think there’s always going to be a lot of speculation in this fandom. You know, I think it’s one of the reasons why people love this fandom so much. And they love this universe so much that a lot of times it allows just enough ambiguity for people to interpret things the way that they want to interpret them. And out of that there is the ability to have a lot of misinformation get out, or just, you know, wishful thinking.”

“And I think in this situation, I think that the story of the Mandalorians and the story of Bo-Katan needed to be told, I don’t believe in any way that it was taking away from Din [Djarin’s] story, nor was that ever the intention. And you know, Pedro and I aren’t in charge of who gets to lead the show [laughs]. This is Din Djarin’s show, it will always be Din Djarin’s show.”

This comes after an interview with Variety in which Pedro Pascal said this:

“(the focus on Bo-Katan) was great in that it also brings into full realization a beloved character that is from the world of Dave Filoni.”

Pascal also stated that Bo-Katan taking “center stage” is something he “would want to see for the character and as a fan of The Clone Wars.”

Well, I vastly prefer Sackhoff’s take on this to Pascal’s. I like her attitude in respectfully responding to fan concerns, and her answer reads as genuine. I even agree with her that the Mandalorians’ story needed to be told, although I don’t know if this was the place to do it. The execution isn’t very convincing, although that’s not her fault. I’ve never had a problem with her performance.

Regarding Pascal’s earlier interview, he probably said some of that because he can’t be on set as much due to other career obligations. As for The Clone Wars, I don’t think The Mandalorian really presents the complex, often unlikable Bo-Katan of that show. I have some trouble reconciling the two, kind of like my problem with animated vs. live-action Ahsoka. Here, the issue isn’t as pronounced since the actor/voice is the same, but the characterization isn’t.

In short, I’m happy with what Sackhoff says here, if it ends up being the case. I’m not thrilled with season 3, but I hope the show picks back up when it returns.

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