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REVIEW: Incredibles 2 (2018)

After making us wait 14, years during which time various rumors arose, Pixar has finally released Incredibles 2 in cinemas. The studio has cheekily played on the excitement over the sequel in their ads, and in front of the film they play a clip of the actors and director Brad Bird assuring the audie...

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REVIEW: The Incredibles (2004)

“We’re superheroes. What could happen?” In anticipation of Incredibles 2 coming out this week, I’d like to talk about the first film, and some of the events leading up to its initial release. In 1999 Warner Bros. animation studio released Brad Bird’s directorial debut, The Iron Giant. ...

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REVIEW: Home on the Range (2004)

“Well, it doesn’t work for me!” After several disappointments in the early 2000s, things were getting tense at Walt Disney Animation. A film based on the Pied Piper legend was pitched and subsequently shot down by Michael Eisner, who believed parents wouldn’t take their kids to see a mov...

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REVIEW: Brother Bear (2003)

“You really think love has anything to do with being a man?” If you know Walt Disney Animation as the studio defined by singing animals and beautiful Princesses, the string of science fiction films they made in the early 2000s may seem random and weird. But in 2003, things were about to get even...

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REVIEW: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Han Solo is quite possibly my favorite character in all of cinema. He’s a scoundrel, he’s selfish, he’s arrogant, and he’s a scruffy looking nerf herder. He’s also a good guy underneath that veneer; he does the right thing in the end, and I love him for that. When Lucasfilm announced that ...

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REVIEW: Treasure Planet (2002)

“You’re something special, Jim. You’re going to rattle the stars you are.” When directors John Musker and Ron Clements pitched Disney’s The Little Mermaid to the company’s executives, they also pitched a movie called Treasure Island in Space. Then-chief of Walt Disney Studios Jef...

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