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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 7 Episode 13 “Star City Slayer”

*Spoilers* In this week’s plot-thickening episode of Arrow, “Star City Slayer,” we receive a heaping helping of revelations with regards to where the back half of this season will go. There are a number of anticipated farewells, as it’s been largely discussed online that a few CW cast member...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 16 “The New Trooper”

*Spoilers* In “The New Trooper,” Commander Pyre and the First Order arrive on the platform to find out who helped Synara escape. Doza reminds Pyre that he’s still in command, and Pure feebly agrees. Meanwhile, Kel and Eila are fishing as a group of stormtroopers walks past. One of them...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 5 Episode 13 “Goldfaced”

*Spoilers* The Flash is back this week with a twist; in “Goldfaced,” Barry and Ralph team up and go underground to infiltrate the Central City weapons black market with the goal of retrieving a device they hope to use against Cicada. Naturally, this undercover operation goes awry in a flash as a...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 7, Episode 12 “Emerald Archer”

*Spoilers* The CW’s Emerald Archer returned this week with a titular episode, “Emerald Archer,” in which Oliver has agreed to have a reporter and her camera crew follow him around to produce a documentary. The goal: to shine a brighter, more positive light on vigilantism in a Star City in ligh...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Resistance – Season 1, Episode 15 “The First Order Occupation”

*Spoilers* This week on Star Wars Resistance, Synara discovers that the First Order is locking down the station as they search for a spy. The stormtroopers try to arrest an innocent man who can’t provide identification, but Kaz and Neeku distract them until he finds his ID. Kaz wants to tell P...

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REVIEW: The Orville – Season 2, Episode 6 “A Happy Refrain”

One of the strengths of science fiction is that it can encompass virtually any other genre. Star Wars, for example, incorporates classic fantasy elements in its galaxy far, far away; Blade Runner is a hardboiled detective noir involving androids; Alien is a horror movie in space. The Orville, like S...

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