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Clone Wars and Jupiter’s Legacy Star Matt Lanter Hospitalized

Actor Matt Lanter’s wife Angela has shared on Instagram that he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, calling this the scariest week of her life. She didn’t say what the surgery was for but did share that Matt won’t be released just yet. She goes on to thank their fol...

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Slap Fight at the Oscars

Has the Academy solved the Oscars viewership problem? At last night’s event (which is barely an event anymore, something painful for a guy who used to love the Oscars to say), comedy legend Chris Rock did what comedians do as he presented an award and made jokes – and to break from the ones I &h...

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TikTok Cancels Charles Dickens

Another day, another cancellation! This time it is English author Charles Dickens, and for probably one of the dumbest reasons so far! Dickens is most famous for his works such as David Copperfield, A Tale Of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, and many more! Click here ...

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Putin vs. J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been making headlines for decades now, as has Russian President Vladimir Putin… but never before in the same headline! Putin has recently said: ‘They [the West] cancelled J.K. Rowling, the children’s author – her books are published all over t...

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Andrew Garfield on Straight Actors Taking Gay Roles

Another celebrity is standing against the wokeness and idiocracy of Hollywood, putting his career in danger to do so while still demonstrating empathy for those affected by ancient hate. During a recent interview with The Telegraph, Andrew Garfield was asked if he believed straight actors should be ...

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Twitter Attacks Recently Passed Actor William Hurt

“Let the dead rest.” Wise words from an age of civility long gone, for the rise of Twitter has banished any respect for the dead or the grief of survivors in the wake of political and social clout. None rebuff the idea that all people have committed sins and are not wholly good. Some sho...

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