DC to Open Restaurant in UK

If Arrow’s Oliver Queen ever goes to the UK, he won’t have to look for a Big Belly Burger. Bleeding Cool reports that permission has been given to DC to build a restaurant that is “intended to reflect the DC Multiverse” in the Soho area of London. They will be using an Art Deco style for the upcoming eatery, which is incredibly exciting when you consider the inspirations of Batman: The Animated Series. This is the first time I’ve come across something like this (at least in the “real world”), but evidently, this kind of thing has been around for years, with Marvel having jumped into the fray in the 90s. To be honest, I can’t believe this isn’t something these companies have tried to do more often, given the proclivity of comic book properties being developed in a myriad of mediums. Heck, with the Warner and Disney marketing machines behind them, restaurants like this could grow to rival Chuck E. Cheese!

DC restaurant

On a more serious note, with the comic book industry seemingly on its last legs at the moment, and the aforementioned reflection of the DC multiverse, having what would essentially be a building made up of a who’s who of the DC universe would allow for a much-needed growth of the brand. While it doesn’t seem like there’ll be any character cameos, just imagine down the road a young fan walks out after lunch knowing who Calvin Ellis is, or learning about a world where Bruce Wayne’s dad was Batman, thanks to a few well-placed nods at the DC restaurant. The only downside about this news is that they won’t have waiters and waitresses wear a few costumes from the iconic DC pantheon; regardless of age, it would be hard to deny how awesome that would be for the most deep-cut of fans.

Are you excited for the DC restaurant or would you rather eat elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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