First Look at Ncuti Gatwa’s New Doctor Revealed

The era of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall on Doctor Who has come to an end, its emaciated corpse ripped from their grasp and returned to Russell T. Davies. While most fans do not believe that this will provide much improvement, at least Chibnall can no longer desecrate the show. It seems that even normies didn’t check in to the end of Chibnall’s reign to see the beginning of the new RTD era because “Power of the Doctor” was only seen by an average of 3.7 million overnight viewers worldwide and 317,000 in the United States. These numbers are on par with the average of Jodie Whittaker’s final season, which featured some of the lowest-viewed episodes in Doctor Who’s 60-year history. It was also the lowest-viewed regeneration episode ever by a count of millions. If normies and fans didn’t care enough to see the beginning of RTD’s new tenure in a regeneration episode, the future of the show is nebulous at best.

As a side note, Rotten Tomatoes has locked audience reviews of “Power of the Doctor” for some inexplicable reason, apparently trying to protect the last horrifically written episode of the Chibnall era.

In spite of this, a new trailer for the upcoming three-part 60th anniversary special was released at the end of “Power of the Doctor,” which featured both David Tennant’s return to the role and the first look at Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor. This short trailer offered virtually nothing of note regarding the story. However, the chief theory to explain the two Doctors surrounds lore added to the show by “The Power of the Doctor.” The single shot of Gatwa’s Doctor shown in the trailer features him in a strange environment with thick clouds overhead. This background looks very similar to the Nexus of Regenerations first seen in Jodie’s last episode. It’s possible that The Doctor’s regeneration into Tenant was a mistake, and Gatwa’s Doctor is stuck in this Nexus, clambering for freedom. There is little shown or known about Gatwa’s performance, so it is far too early for any firm statements to be made regarding his performance. However, considering his past roles, it can be inferred that he will be playing the most feminized version of The Doctor yet.

In a separate release, Davies revealed the opening logo for his new era of the show, which feels very reminiscent of those of the latter half of Classic Who.

Doctor Who will return in fall 2023 with its three-part 60th anniversary special. As previously rumored, this special will begin the show’s migration to Disney+. Hopefully, fan interest can keep it alive long enough to reach this distant date, and Davies channels the writer he used to be, not the writer he has been of late. Otherwise, there will be no regeneration of the show.

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