Florence Pugh Shares Thunderbolts Set Video

If you’re not excited for Thunderbolts yet, get ready to have your anticipation gauge stay exactly the same. Today, Florence Pugh shared a video on her Instagram account where she takes her followers on a tour of the Thunderbolts set, walking from her trailer to the stage, where director Jake Schreier is cutting a scene. No other actors are present, but we now know there are going to be metal objects, scenes that take place in buildings with windows, and Yelena Belova holding a gun. But don’t take my word for it; you can see the video below (if you click on it and open it in another window because Instagram is a pain in the ass when it comes to embedding):


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Mind blown? Yeah, mine too. Florence Pugh and Jake Schreier are trying to sell this as a top-secret video that Pugh isn’t allowed to be making, but we all know this was Marvel’s idea. She wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. Marvel wants to generate excitement for Thunderbolts because… you know… there isn’t any. This is a team of minor characters that, aside from the Winter Soldier, I don’t think anyone cares about seeing again, and it’s coming as the MCU is falling out of favor with audiences. So, here’s Florence Pugh being a team player and acting like she’s giving you a sneak peek at the coolest movie in the world. And that’s fine; they have to do something to try to sell this. It’s a little weird they didn’t try to get some shots of some of the bigger names, though; I get Florence Pugh, but Jake Schreier? I know he’s the director, but does anyone even know who he is? Why not get Sebastian Stan or David Harbour on camera? Or here’s an idea: Harrison Ford! He’s kind of a big deal; people know him. I’m not blaming Pugh (who is an excellent actress that these movies don’t deserve anymore); I’m saying this is clearly a Disney/Marvel marketing tool, and it’s not a very good one.

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