Fortnite Chapter 4 Update

Well, one Chapter has ended, and another has begun. Like the end of Chapter 2 into Chapter 3, the old island is gone, and a new one has taken its place. Last time, the island flipped, so we got all new stuff, though some of it was very similar to the old. This time, the island blew up, and we helped Amie and the Paradigm reforge it out of chunks of the old and new stuff. This island feels very different.

The tweet about downtime being over and the changes included links to articles on what changed for Creative, the UnReal Engine 5.1 changes to the game on systems it will work with, and the Battle Royale. I’m only going to cover the Battle Royale since that is what most people play. I will state that it says UnReal will be used with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Cloud Gaming. This will greatly enhance the details but might mean you’ll need to adjust settings before you play. The article also lists the changes made to some settings on PC to account for the changes.

We get a quick paragraph talking about the changes to gameplay, like a dirt bike, a shockwave hammer, Reality Augments, and a new Capture the Flag. We then get a rundown of the new locations on this map: The Citadel, Anvil Square, Brutal Bastion, Frenzy Fields, and to go to Shattered Slabs, and you’ll find kinetic ore that will do sorcery. We then see the dirt bike that they call the Trail Thrasher and find out you can do tricks and use weapons on it. We are also shown a little clip of it in use and a photo of Hulk on it from the Event and the Cinematic Trailer that states that we’ll see Hulk in Shop soon.

Next up is info on Reality Augments. During the match, you’ll be able to choose between two of them. This will happen at intervals, and the choices will be random; since they last for the whole match, the longer you last in a match, the more you’ll be able to collect. Then, there is info on five of the twenty-two Augments that will be there from day 1. We get Light Fingers, which makes light ammo weapons load faster; Mechanical Archer, which gives you mechanical explosive and shockwave bows; Aerialist, which allows you to do Glider re-deploy for the rest of the match; Supercharged, which means your vehicles won’t consume fuel and have a higher health threshold; and, finally, Soaring Sprints, which makes you jump higher with lower gravity while sprinting. You will be able to re-roll your options if you don’t like them.

We now have hurdling in-game; when you sprint at objects, you shall now either hurdle over or onto them. So be careful you don’t accidentally hurdle to your death over a wall at a high elevation.

We get new guns! The Ex-caliber Rifle shoots a blade that detonates moments later – think Boom Sniper from last season, just with a different delivery system. The Thunder Shotgun shoots two rounds at a time and is pump-action, which means high damage. The Maven Auto Shotgun is an auto, like the name implies, and deals moderate damage and range, but it is fast-firing for a shotgun. The Red-Eye Assault Rifle is an automatic assault rifle that uses a red dot sight for improved accuracy, like the MK from previous seasons. Unlike that gun, I’ve found this one jumps more, so feather the trigger, or you’ll be shooting well above where you started. The Twin Mag SMG has a double-sided magazine for fast reloading on this fast-firing gun. And, lastly, there’s the Tactical Pistol, which is a powerful sidearm that is automatic. There is also the Shockwave Hammer, which deals damage to opponents while sending them off in a shockwave. This Hammer can also launch you or your teammates and has special movement to allow you to move faster across-map, from what I’ve seen in gameplay. Just a heads up for Premium night:  JHalestorm really likes this; if he sees you with one, he’ll most likely kill you for it, since I’ve seen him have two in his inventory at a time.

There are new consumables! Instead of Klomberries, we now have Slap Berries; they give a bit of health and short-term unlimited sprint. Slap Juice is like the berries, just more health and longer sprint. You will also see Sky Jellies; if you touch them, you’ll have some health restored and experience a bounce effect.

Fornite Battle Royale Season 4

Look for Points of Interest with their name in gold before you land; these are dubbed “Hot Spots.” Hot Spots will have drones flying over them; when you shoot them down, they will have high-rarity weapons in them.

There is now Capture Point; at POI, you’ll see a flag on a pole in a circle on the ground. If you have only your team in the circle long enough, the flags will go to the top of the pole, and your team will have claimed that spot. It will give you loot at the pole, and, for a bit, you’ll have chests and opponents marked. Chests will be yellow chest shapes, and red triangles will mark opponents.

The Battle Pass will automatically give you Selene first; as you progress through the Battle Pass, you’ll unlock Massai, Doom Slayer, Dusty, Nezumi, Helsie (who is part of the High Stakes Club with the December Crew Pack skin of Joni the Red), and The Ageless. Later in this season, you’ll also be able to get Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.

If there was anything you were excited about from the update, please comment below. Whether you’re happy about something from the article or if you’ve noticed something playing that I didn’t mention, interaction is always wonderful.

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