JK Rowling Threatens Legal Action Over Attempt to Dox Her Daughter

JK Rowling is making headlines once again, but this time, the threats do not stop with her. As everyone is aware, the famous Harry Potter author is constantly bombarded by activists over one belief they do not share with her: that women are not men, and men are not women. 

An X account by the name of Wizarding News (@wizardingnews) is an LGBTQIA+ activist account whose mission is written in their bio as, “reporting on the demise of JK Rowling’s legacy.”

JK Rowling daughter

Wizarding News recently posted a falsehood about the famous author’s eldest daughter, Jessica. The post claimed she changed her last name to “get away from Rowling” and moved to Portugal. Rowling responded to these claims, asking anyone who is not blocked by the account to inform them that what was stated is, in fact, a lie. 

JK Rowling daughter

Soon after, the account made another post claiming Rowling is a grandmother but has never spoken about her grandchildren. This, again, is completely false, as stated by the author herself. 

JK Rowling daughter

In the replies to said post, a link was provided to a site that claimed the young woman to whom an Instagram account belongs is Rowling’s daughter; however, this is disproven by Rowling herself, who states,

You’re painting a target on people who have no connection with me, who aren’t my relatives. Hate me all you like, but your actions are having real world consequences for people I don’t even know.”

The Wizarding News account then doubled down, writing in a reply that Rowling was “more upset about being called a grandmother more than anything else” and “Having to admit that she engenders so much hate was a bonus.”

The Women for Scotland account took sides with Rowling in a thread, stating, “This disgusting site posted pictures of the baby they falsely claimed was JK Rowling’s grandchild with handy location details.” 

Wizarding News responded to Rowling, saying they have “deleted the post with photos and link to that Instagram hours ago.” Since no retraction has been made, JK Rowling is taking legal action against the account, which has since protected its posts. 

JK Rowling daughter

Regardless of any opinions held on either side, it is utterly vile to use someone else in an attempt to cause harm to another. I sincerely hope that JK Rowling can get this matter resolved to the full extent of the law and that her family remains unharmed. 

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March 24, 2024 at 7:01 am

These activists know no bounds. There is no level that they won’t stoop to.

March 25, 2024 at 10:09 pm

These people are insane and they expect us to believe that JK Rowling is the bad one in these scenarios ah yes she is so bad for being based in reality with the fact that women are women and men are men. And maybe just maaaybe spaces such as bathrooms, changing rooms, shelters etc. that are for women should be for women. Insane also I am blocked by that Wizard account too on twitter lmao dunno why but I am.

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