Lin-Manuel Miranda is Hermes In Percy Jackson

Just when you think the casting for the Percy Jackson Disney+ series couldn’t go more wrong, Disney announces that Lin-Manuel Miranda is playing Hermes. Because why not, a historical Greek God is now played by a Puerto Rican. Hermes is described by Apuleius as being with “golden blond hair that hung in locks, highlighted by golden wings affixed to his temples.” Now, this isn’t to say Miranda isn’t a great performer, but he is not fit for the role. He physically does not match the traits of Hermes! It’s worth mentioning that Luke Castellan, his demigod son, is described as blonde, as is his mother.

There are quite a few comments in the Disney+ thread that are discontent with the casting but aren’t explaining why they are unhappy. Perhaps it’s for historical accuracy, or because they simply do not like the actor.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Hermes

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