Mandalorian Season 4 a No-Go?

Brendan Wayne, one of the three actors who play the titular character on The Mandalorian, appeared on The Chattoine Show on YouTube. Wayne specializes in creating Mando’s walk and swagger, while Lateef Crowder performs combat sequences, and Pedro Pascal voices the hero. Brendan Wayne discussed various Mandalorian-related topics, notably season 4 of the TV series and the upcoming spin-off movie. Firstly, he was asked if he was involved with season 4. His reply:

“No [Season 4]… I know that we’re doing a movie for sure; that’s what I know.”

Wayne, the grandson of John Wayne, went on to question the strategy of abandoning season 4 for the film.

“Unless they are going to abandon streaming, why do you throw away the foundation that you built your streaming on, which is The Mandalorian? And I mean that as humbly as I can say it, but there’s a reason The Mandalorian premiered when Disney+ opened up, and it wasn’t because we had this incredible library that everybody wants to subscribe to. It’s because you had a show that was going to bring a character alive that we all dreamed of since we watched Star Wars, which was a Boba Fett-like character.”

Wayne then said this about filming the movie:

“What I heard, it’s what I keep reading everywhere, it’s in June. That’s, I think, [what] Jon [Favreau] said. June.”

Can season 4 really have gotten the boot in light of the movie’s announcement? That wasn’t what was initially reported; when The Mandalorian and Grogu was first announced, it sounded like season 4 was still full steam ahead. Jon Favreau said he already had the season written shortly after season 3 ended. That season was pretty uneven and not well received, and a theatrical movie will bring in more profit than a streaming series. But given the show and character’s popularity, I had just assumed we would get both, and more seasons in the future.

The filming date isn’t that surprising; they want to make money, right? I don’t see the Rey movie or the old Jedi Order movie bringing in much hype or profit. The Mandalorian is the only proven Disney+ product, despite Andor and even The Bad Batch being better overall shows. Getting this movie out ASAP is probably a major priority, so it makes sense to get production on The Mandalorian and Grogu underway. I wonder if we will ever get a season 4 now, and if it will be a different story than the one Favreau conceived.

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