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I found a Mandalorian poster with Gina Carano last weekend that Darth Kennedy hadn’t had confiscated and demolished. Score! I agree with Mannix. The first two seasons will always be considered The Mandalorian. Everything after that will be garbage no one cares about.

‘Grubbs’ is the new Calvin and Hobbes
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Max Weaver’s Grubbs is a new comic book published by Keenspot Entertainment. It focuses on Billy Watson, a young man whose best friend is imaginary pal Tyler. His goal in life is to be a normal, red blooded American boy. Namely, annoying his sister Courtney, brother Zane, and anyone else who gets in his way. …

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If you are ever traveling up or down I-75 in north Georgia, check out Battlegrounds Games and Comics in Dalton, GA. It bills itself as the largest games and comics shop in the state, and I believe it. Baseball cards, board games (lots and lots), collectibles, action figures, retro game systems and beucoudles of games. …

4 years ago 1 Comment

The former Dixie Chicks are no more, now simply known as The Chicks, or more accurately, The Irrelevant Band That Needs Headlines For Their New Album Release. In all seriousness, isn’t ‘Chicks’ a derogatory term to their dwindling fan base as well? Why not just “The”?

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As it will not be long before all good old movies are banned or edited beyond recognition, I will occasionally point out ones to catch while you still can. The 1945 version of Brewster’s Millions involves a returning soldier (from WWII obviously) who inherits $8 million dollars but will only get it if he can …

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