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    Russel Brand have dared to ask the question and point out the fact the extremely toxic far alt left lunatics agenda/narrative.

    They went after Alex Jones.  They went after Milo Yiannopoulos.  They went after doctors who opposed the vax.  They went after parents who opposed the indoctrination of this kids.  etc.

    Yes, we are in an info war, a culture war, a social-economical war, an ideological war.

    And by them trying to cancel people they oppose by just accusations (not proven in court, but by their legacy media court of public opinion), they are saying:  do not oppose our toxic agenda/narrative, or not only will we go after the big voices (Alex, Milo, Trump), we will go after the little people to (freedom convoy, j6, parent terror watch, etc).

    Johny Depp was cancelled but once the US court case proved HE was the real victim… is the exception to the rule of these leftoids.


    Mercy Falls is the third studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Seventh Wonder. It is a concept album that tells the story of a victim of a car crash who, upon awakening from a coma, finds himself in the mysterious town of Mercy Falls, a fictional world he has dreamed up in his comatose state.

    A man has a mysterious car accident, and falls into a coma. He is taken to a hospital by paramedics. The man, in his comatose state, dreams he is in a place called Mercy Falls. A few years after the accident, his wife comes to visit him (as she apparently has been doing constantly ever since that night). She comments that the doctors are still trying to wake him. She leaves his side, but turns the radio on to comfort her husband.

    Within the man’s mind, he dreams of a woman who lives in Mercy Falls, who constantly stays locked inside “the tall house”, an empty mansion that the children fear to approach. He begins to realize that she is a reflection of himself, because he is trapped inside his own empty mind and completely isolated from those he loves. He believes that if he can meet this woman and help her to leave her mansion, he will be able to leave Mercy Falls himself and finally see his family again.

    Back in the physical world, the doctors speak to the man’s wife and explain that they will harvest bone marrow from his son in desperate attempts to heal the man in the coma. This, apparently, is their last hope to try to awaken him.

    Back in Mercy Falls, the townspeople prepare for a terrible storm that could destroy their village. (The storm, of course, is the doctors trying to cure the man using the bone marrow, therefore trying to destroy Mercy Falls.) The townspeople unite and build up defenses against the storm, and their town is saved. Therefore, the medical procedure has failed.

    The man’s wife and the doctors give up hope. At the album’s emotional climax, “One Last Goodbye”, they turn off his life-support machines and assure him that his memory will live on. He passes from Mercy Falls into the afterlife, and as he is dying, he has a flashback which reveals a conversation he had with his wife several years ago in the car. She told him that her son was, in truth, not his. Shocked so suddenly, he crashes the car, bringing the timeline back to the beginning of the album. This explains why the bone marrow transplant from his son was unsuccessful.

    The son struggles with the absence of his father and his mother. The mother appears to be struggling with the guilt and turns to alcohol. The son refers to it as the “muddy water”. Not only did she cause the accident in the first place by telling the man that the son he thought he had was not his, but the attempts to bring him out of his coma also failed because of her infidelities. She lets her son go through the pain of a bone marrow transplant even though she knew that it wouldn’t work. She continues to keep her infidelity a secret.

    The final song, “The Black Parade”, tells of the man’s experience passing into the afterlife.

    In a document containing 10 key guidelines, the center informed parents of its plan to implement “doctor games,” where children have the opportunity to “touch and inspect” themselves and others.

    How is that not sexual exploitive?

    “All children, especially preschoolers, are aware of the places in the facility where nudity and body exploration can take place,” the guidance read.

    No grooming going on there!

    “Each child decides for themselves whether and with whom they want to play physical and sexual games. Girls and boys pet and examine each other only as much as is comfortable for themselves and other children.”

    Play physical and sexual games with?  Who has to first show them what and how to do it?  Will these predators show, demonstrate, and participate?  If a child decides they want to do so with one of the groomers, then is that OK?

    Following public backlash, the Awo-Kita kindergarten in Hanover abandoned the project. This decision came when a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education in the Lower Saxony state capital declared that it poses a risk to the child’s well-being.

    Trauma, especially sexual trauma, should never be allowed to happen.

    And only AFTER the backlash! ! !  Such pedo policies should NEVER had been considered in the first place.

    These sickos should be in a Mental Asylum and no were near any children.

    “Leave Our Kids Alone!”  is all the more needed than ever before.



    Alberta woman who tried to take COVID transplant fight to Supreme Court dies

    An Alberta woman who tried to take her fight over COVID-19 vaccine requirements for organ transplants all the way to the Supreme Court has died.

    The former lawyer for Sheila Annette Lewis confirmed her death Friday.

    “Ms. Lewis was a real true believer in fighting for personal rights and freedoms,” said Allison Pejovic, who was in touch with her former client’s son.

    They trying to force her to take a drug or die, well the medical community got their wish.  She has DIED!

    Lewis was diagnosed with a terminal disease in 2018 and was told she would not survive unless she received an organ transplant.

    She was placed on a transplant wait list in 2020, but was informed a year later she would need to get the COVID-19 vaccine first.

    Lewis said taking the vaccine would offend her conscience and argued the requirement violated her Charter rights.

    By invoking her Charter rights, they decided to deny her live saving surgery.

    The case was dismissed by an Alberta court, which said the Charter has no application to clinical treatment decisions. The Supreme Court also turned down her application for a hearing.

    In other words, you are human guinea pig to big pharma/medical community.

    There is a publication ban on the doctors’ identities, the organ involved and the location of the transplant program.

    To protect the guilty, those who denied life saving surgery, and who failed their hippocratic oath by their actions/inactions “to refrain from causing harm or hurt” lead to the death of a person it was within their power to save.



      You all know that most countries don’t really have this problem. Obesity is primarily a USA issue, and it’s because of the garbage allowed here. The promotion of unhealthy diet and living, it’s actually advertised. The expense of eating better. The fact that people drive more here so aren’t walking or riding bikes. There are many contributors.

      I’ll give an example. In Japan the obesity rate is below 4%, in USA it is ABOVE 40% now. They eat better, the normal Japanese diet is way more nutritional/healthier (fish is a historically better contributor for a good diet). They walk and are as a whole more active in their daily lives. If you watch video’s in Japan, you see a lot of bikes everywhere (it’s like that in most Asian countries for that matter). People riding bikes is exercise. The kids in school actually help with Lunch and their lunches are vastly superior nutrition wise, it’s mostly all fresh made. The kids walk and ride bikes too. They are also cleaner as a people and culture. This helps with health.

      The healthcare in this country is also at fault. Doctors throw pills at people, not get to the actual issues. They give you some cardiac and blood pressure pills instead of telling you to lose weight, get more exercise, and change your diet.

      This can all change, we can follow countries like Japan as an example. But, sadly, Americans are too stuck in their way, and it’s nothing to be proud of. As someone who works in healthcare, I find it disgusting frankly. I get upset at work sometimes because of what I see.



      The worst we will see is a cultist separatist movement in the US…

      A schism in the Catholic Church.

      We already hear the odd story(s) about how bishops in the US or sometimes bishops in Germany are turning away from the Church’s message in order to be “progressive” in order to serve the current masses instead of staying with the universal truths of God’s message/laws.

      Or in another way, an anti-reformation.

      The reformation was a schism where a section of religious people decided to break away from the Catholic Church over “issues” they had with the Church.

      While alot of their arguments (by Martin Luthor) were valid concerns on theology (while the end result was not, IMO) this fight to openly allow for sinful and immoral acts to be allowed and promoted by the Church is WRONG and it goes against God.

      And we have seen Satan’s influence happening.

      The extremely toxic far alt left ideologies/narrative/agenda which is ANTI-God/Anti-Religion, these “women” are pushing.

      This misinterpreting things.

      God created Adam from the dirt of the earth.  Adam did not become man until God breathed life into him.

      Eve was created by God using a rib from Adam.

      In both cases, neither form of Adam nor Eve was breathing, their hearts pumping, their cells growing, until GOD made them human.

      After Adam and Eve, human’s created life by reproduction (SEX).  A fertilized egg is human life.

      A doctor or midwife does not create life when they help with the birthing process.  It was already a human being.

      Science has proven this (a fertilized egg has a DNA that is separate from the mother’s, containing both the father’s and mother’s DNA to create a unique being, a unique HUMAN being).

      These harlots want to say God ALLOWS the murder of human beings, be it still in the womb, is morally, ethnically wrong.  They have no place in religion, yet alone in a position of teaching God’s Laws nor in a position of preaching God’s message.

      This corruption of God’s warrants excommunication!  And people of faith should NEVER follow such heretics.


      Doctors raise the alarm on puberty-blocker medicines for transgender youth affecting bone development in children, branding them “experimental”

      Doctors at Karolinska Institute, one of the best-known medical schools in Europe, warned that puberty blockers used for gender dysmorphia are still considered “experimental.” In November 2021, the same institute claimed that “transgender children” who had been prescribed puberty blockers experienced severe side effects.

      Warnings the west/legacy media refuses to mention.

      The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare advised in 2022 that puberty blockers and hormone therapy for trans youth should only be prescribed in “exceptional cases,” claiming their use is backed by “uncertain science.”

      “uncertain science”?  oh my!

      Socialstyrelsen’s Thomas Lindén claimed that The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare did not “draw any definite conclusions about the effect and the safety of (puberty blockers) based on scientific knowledge.” He added that “the risks… outweigh the possible benefits.”

      And we hear story after story of those risks… that most were not told about before they agreed to it.

      One of Europe’s top 15 medical schools, Karolinska Institute, analyzed studies and concluded: “GnRHa (gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogs) treatment in children with gender dysphoria should be considered the experimental treatment of individual cases rather than standard procedure.”

      Experimental treatment!

      In limited research, the scientists from Karolina Institute found that GnRH analogs can delay bone maturation and mineral deposits…

      When you interfere with a body’s natural development…

      Ricard Nergårdh, a pediatric endocrinologist and researcher at Karolinska Institute, said on TV in 2021, “What we call GnRH treatment is chemical castration. And it can affect mental health in an unintended, undesirable way.”

      I thought this was to help mental health?

      Nergårdh believes in full transparency, saying, “It’s very important that the patient and the patient’s family are informed about this.”

      That so far is NOT the case.  The less you know the better for those profiting from it.

      In 2022, Sweden’s laws from 2015 were adjusted to be more restrictive when giving blockers and hormones to children. The board shared, “It is not yet possible to draw any definite conclusions about the effect and safety of the treatments based on scientific evidence.”

      But my feelings!  Don’t feelings TRUMP facts and science?

      This does not mean that GnRH treatment is (un)safe, it merely says it is less secure than scientists initially thought.

      Less secure or not secure, unsafe, etc… it still sounds experimental to me, and they want to experiment on you, your kids, etc.


      And the left’s desire to depopulate the world… what better way than voluntary castration for males, and females to become infertile, next to abortion.

      Join the trans-community!  No natural offspring for you!  Depopulate!




        “More studies are indeed needed”

        No, more studies are NOT needed.  Mutilating people’s bodies due to mental issues based on lies is evil.  You could compare this to the brutality and lack of effectiveness of lobotomies which began in a fever pitch because it appeared promising and they ran with it until they realized the “cure” was worse than the sickness. In 1949 the doctor who invented it got the Nobel Prize for the surgery. Now?  Well here is a quote from the below article and it could very well be said again today.

        “Mr Marsh, who is now one of Britain’s most eminent neurosurgeons, says the operation was simply bad science. “It reflected very bad medicine, bad science, because it was clear the patients who were subjected to this procedure were never followed up properly.”

        And what will happen to people who can’t afford that? What about vulnerable people with learning difficulties who are going to be more confused and upset about this if they’re not informed about this at all. Especially if their parents or carers don’t mention stuff like this to them because of it indoctorating them.


        “This was not a case of having the wrong body parts and being denied surgery to solve that. ”

        How do you know that? Nobody did any testing on the kid. No f-mri, no endocrinological testing, nothing. But then again, that’s normal in Europe. Their garbage free health care doesn’t cover diagnostics for ANYTHING except cardiology, ultrasounds and scopes. European health care is worse today than it was 80 years ago.

        “There is no such thing as “gender affirming care”, that is an evil phrase.”

        There is, but only for people with actual legit gender misalignment syndrome. Don’t blame the treatment if it’s being used for the wrong disease. Every treatment has its purpose. Leg amputation can save a life in some cases, but it won’t help someone with gastritis. Likewise, gender transition surgery won’t help someone with mental illness. It only helps people with pathological gender misalignment syndrome. Doctors don’t care to do diagnostics. It’s the same with every single one of these kids who kill themselves, either because they don’t get the treatment or because they get the treatment and didn’t need it.

        Beyond that, this kid was afraid of being bullied at school. That’s probably the real reason. Heck, I never had any gender issues but the idea of having to go back to school after vacation and be bullied again made me think of offing myself twice every year. Went so far that I ate toothpaste and other stuff to give myself diarrhea so I didnt have to go back to school. Alas, it never worked :(   School is without a doubt the worst thing you can do to a kid. I’d rather have gotten raped.

        Wag the Dog is a 1997 American political satire black comedy film produced and directed by Barry Levinson and starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro. The film centers on a spin doctor and a Hollywood producer who fabricate a war in Albania to distract voters from a presidential sex scandal.


          I remember years ago when via all the unrest over “Obama Care” there were also serious discussions about going for total socialized healthcare.  One of the the arguments against it was that the goverment would ultimately have “death panels” where they would decide on whether you got treatment or not based on a number of factors beyond your control and just because you wanted medical care did not mean you got it.  At the time Democrats/liberals called it insane and fear mongering and all the rest.  And in my opinion, just like many other times that was to invalidate real concerns, they end up coming in true.

          Why people think entrusting the goverment with healthcare is a good idea I have no clue.  There is nothing the goverment does that it does well in a positive sense.  Nothing.  In fact if you look to the causes for the insane costs of health care in the US most of them are goverment related.  And if you want to talk about other countries with socialized medicine and how well that works then I urge you to talk to folks who live there.

          “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.”-Milton Friedman



          NYT … Shows Why Sex Changes Are So Dangerous

          The New York Times profiled a study which cites research suggesting that sex changes are not an effective treatment for gender dysphoria.

          What did it report?

          (the study) by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that trans people in Denmark had 7.7 times the rate of suicide attempts and 3.5 times the rate of suicide deaths of the non-trans population. The study, which was conducted by analyzing the health records of more than six million people over the span of four decades, dealt with individuals aged 15 and over.

          That is not a small figure/sample size.

          “Elevated rates of all-cause mortality among transgender individuals have also been reported in studies from Sweden and the United States,” the JAMA study notes, citing a 2011 study that found that patients’ risks for death actually increased after they received sex changes.

          But isn’t the legacy media and the activists/politicians telling us the opposite, that trans-surgeries save lives?

          “Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population. Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group,” the 2011 study found.

          But mental health does not equal the money/profits gender mutilation surgeries can make for the doctors/hospitals!

          And mental health has been an issue that has for a long time been called to be acted upon, yet always the last option for lawmakers, it seems.



          @xdax id be lying if i said i wasn’t decently entertained. so as a movie i could see giving it a 6/10 or even 7/10 but I have like this way of compartmentalizing my thoughts on movies, Like I have different perspectives, like for doctor strange 2, it was 0/10 as a doctor strange film, but a 9/10 for a scarlet witch film, as a multiverse film id give it like a 4/10, as a movie in general no expectations id give it a 7.5/10. i dont always over complicate it like that but for mixed bag films I do.

          flash is a similar situation, in some lights its good, ok or trash, but i go with trash because barry was the main selling point and its his movie and as a flash movie I feel like it was bad. same with doctor strange. i think the flash is a rather good time travel film, a mid batman film, and a solid comedy film. so definitely enjoyment to be had but not enough to overide the fact that its a bad flash/flashpoint movie. in my opinion so thats why i go so low, but I get your overall rating, it makes sense.

          just sharing an interesting little system ive come up with for these mixed bag movies that get hard to judge. atleast for me


          Even with a multitude of issues, this film managed to entertain me much more than I expected it to.  Some quick thoughts:

          • The filmmakers were very much aware how Quicksilver in both Days of Future Past and Age of Ultron beat them to the punch and focused on attempting to impress through every other power except the now-dated slow motion.  Opening trip to Gotham still looked fake, but was a really cool concept.
          • Those who complain about the lack of realism of the CGI babies in the opening scene and don’t inform their audience of the context of the Looney Tunes-style set piece are, I feel, being disingenuous in their reviews.  Marvel would never attempt anything close to that brand of comedy.
          • Keaton was underwhelming for the marketing buildup, but who knows how many of his scenes were cut.  It sounds like they had another two hours of footage filmed before crafting a functional plot in editing.
          • There clearly wasn’t a design concept, much less any CGI render, of the time travel sequences until some time this year.  Definitely the worst part of the film, made even worse by the fact that so much depends on it.

          If you can’t tolerate Ezra, don’t watch it.  For me, it’s about a 6/10, better than the last Doctor Strange.  Honestly surprised box office is doing this poorly.

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