This isn’t fun any more (FNT scene cannibalizing’s each other)

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    Trashcast is a guilty pleasure of mine. I bounce between a lot of the old school fandom menace groups and have my own praises and gripes with each sphere. But this is starting to get really petty and I don’t know how it gets any better. Feels like a lot of bad things coming to a head. Anyway, Ethan’s a total fuckhead and says lots of shitty things. Sometimes they’re warrented, but a lot of times he’s just a fucking dick.

    I got to work with Alex on this site for a bit, and he was nothing but awesome and professional and wanting to help this scene. Lots of people are getting caught in the cross fire trying to stand up for their friends here and communities.

    But I also understand Ethan’s rage. He was canceled not just by FNT but by the industry. I’m not excusing it, just saying I understand it. Some men just want to watch the world burn, and EVS is making pretty good $$$ doing his favorite thing in the world, shitting on his perceived enemies. At this current trajectory, he’s going to be the winner in the long run.

    This scene was largely forged in the fires of ragebait. There’s a bit of “live by the sword, die by the sword” karma going on here.

    Not sure what my point is here. But hearing EVS go off and be a total dick pissed me off and I felt like venting. Just like I vent about other random shit here.

    I think there could be more transparency here, less back room deals, I dunno. You also have to play the game to run a successful organization like FNT. You gotta herd cats. EVS has the luxury of being a total ass beholden to no one able to do whatever he wants and attack whoever he wants with no accountability.

    I think we’re crossing the threshold where this isn’t really fun any more. Nerdrotics wife seems like a pretty awesome supportive person accepting of this community, but I have also wondered why she canceled Jeff Hicks and Jessie. I mean, it’s none of my business, but pertinent to this topic.

    There’s this distinctly human aspect we have with our tribes. Where we always one up each other, and the smallest starting infraction just builds and builds and builds and before long it explodes.

    I don’t have any control here, but I’d love to see Rippa come out and say, “hey, we aimed high but my first book wasn’t that spectacular”. I’d like to hear the FNT crew admit they did EVS wrong, and hoarded the fanbase to generate lots of $$$.

    EVS is a total f*cking assh*le. But he’s also up front, he doesn’t do back room deals and all that.

    As things stand, EVS has the upper hand and he can pummel everyone viscously because he doesn’t BS. He’s not playing any high school drama games and talking shit behind people’s backs. But I also understand his audience is far more crude and angry and they like this stuff.

    FNT and Geeks and Gamers is a much more the happy environment where we get to just have fun and try not to destroy each other. But again, to be honest, I think there’s a lot of pettiness and politics and other kinda shady stuff that goes on behind the scenes. See no evil hear no evil type stuff.

    Anyway, mostly came out here to give Alex a shout out because he was great to work with and don’t want this to turn too much into me talking shit.

    I miss the high council days. When there were clear lines, everyone had the common enemy, there wasn’t any pettiness our politics. Just everyone trying to make great content and work together to make great shows.

    I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see some self accountability in these parts. From Ethan for being a fucking shit head to literallly everyone, disregarding all levels of decency to people he doesnt’ even know and shitting on people’s family because he thinks it’s fun. I won’t blather about it here, but I said plenty about this scene in the rippa thread in regards to respecting the fans and customers and being more transparent about the clique and how it’s not open, there isn’t room for everyone, and that there is very much a bit of gatekeeping and politics in this sphere which is EXACTLY the sort of stuff that this community was founded to fight against.

    Everyone keeps acting like the victim, OH LOOK WHAY THEY DID, DESTROY OUR ENEMIES! WE’RE WAY BETTER THAN THEM!

    We keep going down this road and everyone just acts worse and worse and before long there’s going to be nothing left to save in these parts. Everyone is seeing this scene for what it is. If people don’t start to see the crappy things they’re doing themselves, this is going to just keep getting worse and the only person having any fun with this is EVS.

    I don’t even know if this is good advice. I don’t know what the solution is here. People are fickle, fans are fickle. People want their fun videos, they want the community. And it’s just falling apart and everyone is fanning the flames.


      This is the most asinine, brain dead nonsense I’ve seen on this site. You clearly have a hard-on for EVS, and you don’t even pretend to hide it.

      EVS has done more backdoor, lying, deceiving, an calling attempts than any in this corner. He sent Warcampaign after his enemies, doxxed people, trued to get people like Doug TenNapel fired from his work, now attempt to drama farm Eric July and FNT members because he’s got no interest actually fulfilling comic campaigns from 2020.

      He launched Reignbow the Brute and Snowman: Cold Day in Hell in 2020. He hadn’t done a single update for Snowman in well over a year until Eric July called out creators who don’t respect paying backers enough to deliver on time, or at the very least, regularly update.

      It’s well known that he ran his mouth about Jeremy Griggs after that Zack Snyder situation, and that’s why Jeremy has little interest in interacting with him. It’s not canceled when you burn the bridge yourself.

      Ethan may be in the worst position imaginable now. He’s clearly burnt out on doing comics and too lazy to have any professional work ethic. He lost many of his old crowd, now entertaining the circus that is an audience of Dick Masterson/Vito followers. He’s losing subscribers, and he can’t deviate from the drama now or the superchat well will run dry since those that followed for his old content are leaving.

      He may he the single biggest hypocrite out there, demands allegiance or claims you’re an enemy of Comicsgate, and lies constantly. He has single handedly tarnished that entire label and CG related campaigns are seeing reduced funding, his own Cyberfrog 3 seeing a massive drop from 2.

      Ethan has embarrassed himself waging war on Eric July with Eric not even responding or participating. He hired a degenerate to make puppet skits for him to attack Eric, Gary, Jay, and Razörfist most recently.

      This is the another articel of you harping on Eric July’s product. He has shown constant improvement, listens to the supporters, and continues to strive for refinement in all aspects. He never claimed his first book was perfect, the second was a step up, and he’s stacked the Rippaverse with added talent to give customers a variety so they can choose what they like.

      Your articles are cringe and filled with a ridiculous bias. Do everyone a favor and post something actually useful or informative.


      Whatever shit you’re going through in life that makes you lash out, I hope gets better for you, and then maybe you wont behave like a fucktrard on the internet.

      I’ve been 100% transparent on this site, it’s the only way I know how to be. I like most everyone in this sphere’s content. It’s why I’ve posted here and did a stint writing articles.

      Not sure what bias you’re talking about, I wear my heart on my sleeve in my posts and did so in my articles too. I put the pros and cons of circumstances as i see them.

      But you’re exhibiting the EXACT negative, divisive and community destroying behavior I warned about in the rippa thread. This community is turning into a cult with everyone shilling for each others’ sides.

      I tried to be a positive force, gave some frank opinions. You guys want to throw more shit and make more enemies, fine.

      I’ll point at the title again, this scene just isn’t as fun any more. Lots of toxicity and accusations, and shilling, and otherings. Whisper networks, canceling, gatekeeping and all that bullshit.

      This scene has turned into EXACTLY what it claimed to stand against.

      Edit: I shouldn’t claim EVS doesn’t play politics or do backroom BS. I don’t fucking know. Not sure how any of this can get better, maybe this is just what this scene is now and we should either accept it or stop pissing and moaning and move on.

      Through all the craziness of the past few years, I think we can all agree on one thing. The prequels weren’t as bad as we thought they were and we should have appreciated what we had before everything went to shit.


      This type of mentality goes back prior to EVS/FNT. It’s unfortunate that people punch sideways instead of up. You need to Aim High, like Air Force. It’s disheartening to see the politics of personal destruction used at the influencer level. EVS has a ton of talent, but for calling everyone else zeroes and nobodies, he sure seems to depend on them for all of his content. He pulled this with Vox Day and Arkhaven as well, but at least it was funny, with his fraternity boy raid on another’s stream. It made me chuckle a bit. I liked his old content. Still tune in from time to time, but it does not hold my interest and some of the puppet shows kind of cross the line. The NASCAR campaign was an all-time great idea though, so EVS still has good in him, we can feel it.

      Not sure about the rest of you, but this kind of mentality was something I never even understood about the country. The whole dog eat dog thing. It really beats the morals and ethics out of the church kids. This is how we learn to live in the USA, we are bold or we die. Life is short, and you really can’t afford to waste time walking on egg shells. You try the carrot, but gotta have the stick at the ready.

      It’s really something to think about though. High Council. Big names. Big targets. With alliance and fellowship. One thing I’ll say about the Fellowship at FNT is that there are just so many people, and morale is always high and jolly. That is something special. They seem like genuine friends and the type of people that would have given their shirts to just about anyone in the past. Again, the times we are in are changing the awesome character of our countrymen. Comes from the media. This is why I like Gary. He is dauntless and unrelenting in taking the fight to Hollywood. He’s always been on the offense. Blitzkrieg every fucking day.

      As far as High Council goes, perhaps dwell in that vision and what would unite the clans and against whom? Would be a great idea for like a Jerry Maguire Mission Statement. Both Eric July and Ethan gave their Monday Morning Quarterback ideas on the Zack Snyder situation, but have seemed to let ZS off the hook since. I saw the same thing when Jeremy backed off of James Gunn. This is something that I do not get, tbh. It’s like the enemies of the general public audience reveal themselves in their own comments. They let you know who the targets are. So, who is the common enemy? Bob Iger maybe. Perhaps Ari Emanuel. Never forget that Netflix is a product of a relative of Edward Bernays. It is weaponized against you by it’s very nature, as if Admiral Thrawn got into streaming services.


      Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 16-58-32 You can now read the entire 25-page mission statement from 'Jerry Maguire'



      It’s just so frustrating.

      We all came here because we hated what hollywood did to our entertainment. We supplanted it with The Hight Council, World Class Bullshiters, Geeks and Gamers, FNT, they were speaking directly to us, “We’re not going to screw you guys over”. They all talked about the pettiness of Hollywood, the nepotism, the politics, the gatekeeping, the lack of meritocracy, how it was all about who you know, and about their ego’s and all that shit.

      And how fast did we end up here? How long did it take for all the good will and the rising tide of the iron age and the parallel economy to fall into the dirt?

      We can only speculate what happened, there’s no transparency here. There’s this big elephant in the room regarding the treatment of the fans, and the lust for money and why everyone falls over themselves to support Rippaverse.

      My belief is it all stems from the bad blood over the Snyder incident, it was in that moment everyone decided to go after EVS, and in that moment it didn’t become giving the fans something awesome, it became, “F*ck EVS, we’re going to farm the fans from the money they would have given him, we have their hearts and minds”.

      Could be wrong, probably shouldn’t speculate, but that honestly feels like what happened. More and more we’re starting to feel like a paycheck, it’s becoming more and more obvious they didn’t build anything built to last here, their friendships didn’t really stand up to anything outside of $$$. It kinda feels like a bit of a grift.

      And it fucking sucks, because individually, I think everyone here has a lot of great qualities. But it’s like all the sum total of the greed and hubris of these guys all swelled up into one giant Rippaverse fiasco.

      How different would this all be today if Rippa had found a quality writer and a couple decent artists who actually had a fire under their ass to make great creative works?

      I know i’m neckbearding out hard here, it’s just some youtube drama or whatever. But this whole scene to many of us was a hope of better culture and better entertainment. A return to giving a damn about the customer and meritocracy and all that, and being above petty bullshit and valuing entertainment and its affect on our society. Maybe we were just suckers for buying into all that.

      Again, it’s SO DAMNED FRUSTRATING, because all the pieces were here, the potential was here for incredible new comics and movies and networking, and a new breeding ground for nerds to come together to make great stuff and celebrate creating our own comics and movies and who knows what else. But it kinda feels like many of these guys never really tried, it feels like it was a grift all along.

      Never attribute to malice what can more easily be attributed to just to naivety.

      Let’s be real, this is a ragtag bunch of everyday people who  fell into psuedo celebrity status on youtube. We have to accept this scene for what it is, just people trying to get by and have their channels and make some superchats and pay their bills. It makes sense that this scene is going to be more prone to politics and basic tribalism than anywhere else. FNT aren’t a throng of creatives that make things that get together every week, these are strong personalities that compete with their charisma and wit.

      Gah, if only we could have put our ego’s away and really tried to make some great comics. Shame Rippaverse isn’t putting out The Doomcock #1 episode right now.

      It is what it is. It’s easy to think of  what could have been. But people are people. Lots of Ego and vindictiveness and greed to go around, and lots of back room deals and petty politics. All that shit we all tuned in to hear people talk about as the downfall of Hollywood.

      It hurts my brain to think how it all unfolded like this. Because you tune in and all these guys seem great! How the fuck do Rippa, Jeremy, Gary not get along with EVS? It all comes down to dick measuring and EVS being an ass who doesn’t respect anyone who can’t draw frogs as well as he can. And then in turn the gatekeeping and shady deals on the other side in spite.

      This whole scene has really just beat itself into submission. No one from outside sabotaged Rippaverse, sabotaged Comics gate. It was all the internal strife and resentment. I’ll say it again, with EVS’s comic ablities and network paired with the powerhouse of FNT, these guys could have taken over the world, coulda been the architects of the next rebirth of comics. Woulda been so fucking cool to see.

      Oh well! No point crying over spilt milk. It is what it is. I still tune into FNT all the time, TNME, even watch some trash casts from time to time. But it’s all tinged with a bit of dissapointment now. That rising tide of thinking this scene was going to fight for the consumers and for great entertainment is kinda dead. This stuff is just comfort food, not much more.

      Crazy how we let our pettiness get in the way of everyone thriving and doing so much more. Everyone really dragged each other down in this sphere, it’s just really, really sad, and most everyone’s at fault for all of this. Everyone was petty, everyone was making those petty deals behind the scenes, no one took it upon themselves to find quality writers, artists, to develop pipelines for great creative works… but they all cashed in.


      Edit: Quick shoutout to Razorfist and his artist who does all those amazing comics. THIS is how you make comics in this sphere. Badlands looks fantastic. But will it even get any bumps from the FNT crew? Feels so corporate these days, and all those NDA’s floating around preventing anyone from being upfront with the fans about what’s going on. Damn does this sphere just feel like another money grubbing business now. No transparency, see no evil hear no evil. That group of friends assembling for the high council every week is long gone.


      It’s a paradox of streaming that it becomes more than everything else. For example, off topic, but I really like Tibees and others like her. She left her PhD program in Physics to make youtube videos and I’ve seen this from other scientists because they said it is more engaging and challenging to come up with content than it is to actually do research. It is true that the whole crew is just basically zany fandom, but they do live appearances and meetups. One example would be Chrissie Mayer who had a legit standup career. She said herself the whole point of a career is to actually get too big for your base. Go figure.
      As for Ethan, one thing he was right about is the comic business, the comic industry and the comic divisions. One of his main points was that an entire editing staff wing would be dedicated to maybe one comic run series or title. Ethan said that if ArkHaven or Rippaverse thinks they are just going to waltz in and take on the big 2 and do better in a couple of years what it took those companies over 75 years to build is not practical or realistic thinking and he’s right about that. Ethan saying that is not being critical or hateful, but I think he might actually be personally insulted with that kind of mindset because generations ago, those companies were the only game in town and literally commanded the entire country’s top talent pool and recruited from that. Today, that is not possible, as even mediocre guys have seemed to had good indie runs like Kirkman, Millar, etc. No shade to them at all and more power to them, just saying that it doesn’t blow me away. It takes so much time and consistency for years before anything develops. One of my favorite writers had to take a state job and he was a best-selling author and still could not afford to make ends meet. Not sure if that is still true for him today, as I did hear him brag about some royalty checks. Still, think about what it really takes to get there. I mean, you get there, and you’re still trying to get there.

      I agree with just about all that you have said. People these days do not have any other options but to cash in because they never know what the future holds with the lowest estimate of real inflation being about eighteen percent. Rippaverse is just getting off the ground. As long as Eric can pay and really wants it, I think he will eventually live up to expectations. Again, it takes too long and, like Chuck Dixon said, you have to be a Lifer. You have to love it, want to do it every day, and then, find someone who will pay you for it. That’s what Dixon said, that he decided that he wanted to write comics and that he’s a Lifer, meaning that if someone asked him how long it would take for him to make it, he’d tell them, the rest of our lives. That was his attitude and something that really stood out and something I never forgot. He also said Rippaverse is trying to make a Blue Sky world, meaning clear heroes and villians with clear beliefs and views. None of the deconstruction of villains.

      As for EVS, he is the most talented and, because of that, he is egotistical and controlling. He works with other artists and promotes their comics. If you are not an artist, I don’t think he cares about you. It’s the other way around. No one is attacking him, he is the one who likes to demean people, but many times, he’s actually right. I still watch him sometimes and he seems to average at least a few thousand viewers every time.

      The frustration makes a ton of sense and you are right in that things seem stagnant, but you never know when that will change. One thing FNT does right is cater to the Fandom and keep the Fandom supply energized. Great writers and artists can come out of nowhere and things are changing rapidly. Like with the NASCAR campaign, you never know with EVS or FNT will use their Ducal Ring to summon a crowdfund of a worthy project and they do have that power, or they will soon. I think Hollywood knows who they are and they can make or break entire movies, shows and games if they so choose. Your point is very valid though because you want to see production, you want to see industry, you want to see output and things being made. It really does seem like FNT just enjoys picking Hollywood apart and that actually works for me because I know full well the dark intent behind the powers that be in their use of propaganda is all this art. Again, it’s all so very Thrawn.

      Side note, but I always think if anyone can really upend things, it’s actually Angel Studios because they focus on the light.


      Thanks for the reply Comicsgate, great insights as always.

      I wouldn’t say that I expect creation from these guys. If these guys had stayed out of comics and movies, I’d have no problem with that. But they vigorously shilled Rippaverse, they really sold this comic and the Universe and told us all that we’re going to make the world better if we buy this stuff. Did you hate StarWars? Well Rippa’s trying to make a difference, and he’s our FRIEND, and if you support this cause, you should buy it and it’s going to lead to a better world!

      THAT is what rubs me the wrong way in terms of FNT.

      I’m always accused of being a shill for EVS here, and your post really put into perspective for me why I side with him so much.

      I worked in the gaming industry for several years, went to college in a very liberal program as well. I’ve been surrounded by what I call “Smarm f*cks” for a long time. Smarmy back scratching people who all shmooze. They don’t work hard, they all brown nose and play petty politics to get ahead. Typical subversive stuff.

      I was working in Portland when all this craziness went down. Wasn’t my choice, just ended up being the place I could find work. I did some technical type work not many could do. But all through school, all through my career, I was always hamstrung by these “zeros”. Petty people who never developed their talent, and played politics and got by on their social credit. The people who smile, nod, jump how high everyone wants them to.

      I wouldn’t say I was canceled from my job, but the work environment got so toxic I left the industry. Had it been another year or two in the future, I absolutely could have seen this industry canceling me.

      Point is, I don’t think these guys know the kind of conditions EVS went through, and I totally get that anger and rage he gets working with these guys who never put pen to paper, didn’t work for decades competing in the arena. HAVE NO FRIGGIN’ RESPECT FOR THE MEDIUM WHATSOEVER YOU DEDICATED YOUR LIFE TO. Then over a petty argument (assuming here) they decide to subvert you and take full ownership of indie comics with a failed Rippaverse?

      That would make me FUCKING IRATE. I can see this from Ethan’s perspective. I have this same fucking rage in me for the gaming industry and what these weak, lazy, do nothing assholes did to gaming and culture and meritocracy at the behest of spoiled, generational heir, ideologue globalist technocrats.

      But I take a deep breath and try to remind myself we all have our own perspectives. We don’t know what we don’t know. Rippa and the FNT crew don’t realize just how friggin’ hard this stuff is. How high the gulf of “good” to “great” is in these industries like comics and games and tv and movies. I could go on a big tangent with Critical drinker and his movie, but it’s the same shit. The audience, they don’t know how the sausage is made, they only know what their favorite personalities tell them. They don’t have an intuition for how things work, and can’t extrapolate from outcomes that things went awry, why things went awry, and who might be at fault for issues they aren’t even aware of. In short, it’s a bit of a cult of personality, and a lot of nuance gets lost in these rage fests among fans who are standing up for their favorite creates, which is noble of them, if sometimes naïve.

      It’s easy to WANT to make a great comic, to THINK you’re going to put together some wonderous work. But actually putting something together and kicking ass? That takes years of building discipline and proper expectations. Simply put the FNT crew just doesn’t have what it takes to do this stuff. They don’t even have the capacity to find people to do it for them, because in order to do that, you need at least a foundational set of skills in that industry. They don’t have this.

      IMO, the odds of Rippaverse rising out of the dirt are astronomically low, because I don’t see Eric Learning any hard earned lessons here. It’s not like he’s putting in tons of man hours. He’s only founds new ways of throwing money around with diminishing returns. The ONLY point of success with rippaverse was farming the good will of the fans out of the gate. The art has not improved, the writing hasn’t improved, there aren’t new, compelling characters. In fact, in every way future comics will be weighed down by an existing low expectation. It will only be harder and harder to produce a product of value with a now diminished brand. Rippa had good faith, and a good name, and momentum 2 years ago. Now he’s going to struggle to get any competent talent on board to rebuild. He DOES have a fervent and loyal base, but the prudent path forward will be smaller scale books, lower expectations, and finding a small sustainable path ahead. But how do they do this when all the hype and fan loyalts stems from this image Eric created of taking over the world of comics with something huge and amazing?

      But to be fair to the FNT guys, Eric included, they have other talents and abilities and qualities that are genuinely rare and valuable, and EVS totally shits on those things, because he posseses them too. He undervalues them because these aren’t talents that are fostered with hard work, they’re innate, so he’s only going to see value in the talents he busted his ass to acquire. Calling everyone zero’s is unfair. I won’t go on a dick sucking marathon but i’ll just say that Az is a fantastic talent. That dude goes on tangents and spits out the most incredible diatribes of why woke games are garbage. You could write those down verbatim and put them in a comic about wokeness and it would be gold. There is talent here. It’s raw, and its undisciplined, but it has value. And if they DID have a good comic, they could have sold the SHIT out of it with their social pull which is well earned.

      It’s a remarkable machine they’ve put together at FNT, they’re so well balanced. Ryan’s the witty asshole, Rippa’s the industrious Ancap, Gary’s the wise shepherd tellin’ all the truths about this crazy world and how everything works, Jeremy’s got a lot of the heart and the vision for what this scene could be, there are no zero’s on FNT.

      But both sides have done nothing to see the other perspective, or to acknowledge that the other side has value. Like, Ok Ethan, you can draw gooder than everyone else, does that mean you can just treat other people like shit and only your world matters? And then for the FNT crew like you pointed out, they gave EVS almost no respect for being an actual creator who could have rebuilt this entire industry because he had genuine rare talent and drive to create something amazing.

      This was bigger than all of us, this was about rebuilding meritocracy, this was about giving the fans what they wanted and leaving our petty shit behind so we could pay homage to the great entertainment that brought us together in the first place, but somehow everyone managed to make it all about themselves and their petty bullshit.

      We don’t know what we have ’till it’s gone. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike when the iron was hot, while the fans were pumped, when everyone was excited for the parallel economy to make something of value that could last and grow, and bring more and better creatives into the fold. And it all got squandered and pissed away over personal squabbles and greed.

      Not mad they wanted to make money. That’s capitalism. What pisses me off was the sheer incompetence and hubris across the board, paired with the secrecy. All we got to see was the epic failure. Why were these artists chosen, who was in charge of the dialogue? Why did everyone fall over themselves to sell this shitty book? Why is there no accountability? WTF is even going on?

      I feel like i’m taking crazy pills sometimes, and people love this crowd so much they will point blank tell you you’re racist for not liking the rippaverse after all the fucking years of being gaslit by Hollywood to watch their woke garbage with the same vile accusations.

      I understand. Money is being made, despite all the fun and games these are professional entertainers we’re talking about, you don’t rock the boat, we all play the game when we have to.

      But had there been a dialogue, had there been transparency, had this all been handled with some level of competency and respect for the medium, and a genuine passion to make a great comic and indie scene. Everyone in this scene would be making so much fucking bank it would have been ridiculous.

      We always talk about how the Sequels are a cautionary tale, and that their mishandling of the Star Wars IP will be taught in film schools for generations… but Rippaverse is another cautionary tale for the exact same reasons. The hubris, the taking for granted of the medium, of underestimating the demands of quality art and writing, allowing spite and greed to eclipse the will to create something great.

      You talk about this decline in this country and that is 100% a specter on our entertainment. People just lack grit any more. They lack the guts to be able to swallow their pride, to do what’s best for the medium over what’s best for themselves. And every single person involved in these endeavors is tainted by this spoiled, shallow nature, an unwillingness to reach deep and put the hours in, a low pain tolerance to go the distance and iterate for the thousandth time, to take the 30th shot to get the perfect performance, to go through 500 resumes to find that perfect artist, the best friggin’ writers.

      There’s no will for excellence any more. No respect for the medium. No drive to suffer through failures to be great. We put success on a silver platter and spoon feed it to narcissists and they hold the keys to the kingdom in this vapid world.

      So yeah, I side more with EVS on this whole thing, it’s not because I have a hard on for the dude, I’ve just lived a more similar life as a creative working with a bunch of shit heads who take for granted all the hard work that it takes to create an industry. It’s all tribalism. But I understand most people simply don’t understand the world from this perspective.

      Again, there’s no winner here. I’m not advocating for someone to win, I don’t even know how all this can be rectified. Everyone lost, especially the fans. I guess Rippa made some bank. Woo hoo.


        Side note, but I always think if anyone can really upend things, it’s actually Angel Studios because they focus on the light.

        That right there.

        We should focus on the good and talk about it.  Evil/bad always advertises it’s existence as it is always about the self, good ,by nature, does it’s work quietly as it’s only intent is to do good.

        We need to talk more about the good.

        I love Angel Studios as a whole and the way they work their projects is very interesting.


        Also, we do not know what really goes on. That is to say, we don’t know these youtubers. Google just locked me out of youtube with their new system, so anyone is one click away from being cancelled or banned or blacklisted, so people are limited in what they can do or say on the Big Tech platforms.
        In some ways, I am surprised FNT and EVS are still around because they get away with saying a lot of free speech, but that can end at any time. We think we’re free until we are not and then, even the good times become faint memories. So, I can no longer super chat people or comment or rate your videos.

        One joke that cracks me up that doesn’t get old is GeeksandGamers putting Sydney Sweeney photos on all of their videos. It’s just funny ASF to click on cleavage and go to a GnG video because they are sending the message that beauty sells to the dummies in the WokeTard media. I laugh every time I see them use Sweeny in their video thumbs. It’s a no-brainer. If the machine won’t use her, FNT is smart enough to.


        That’s bullshit. I know the feeling, half of twitter has me blocked (including Eric July), and 2/3s of my YouTube comments get censored for the most inane shit.

        “Land of the free”. You don’t hear that term any more. We all just quietly let this American dream die without putting up a fuss.

        NDA’s and censorship. As George Carlin would say, “fascism with manners”.

        Just another day in clown world…


          Let me post your asinine quote:

          “I don’t have any control here, but I’d love to see Rippa come out and say, “hey, we aimed high but my first book wasn’t that spectacular”. I’d like to hear the FNT crew admit they did EVS wrong, and hoarded the fanbase to generate lots of $$$.


          EVS is a total f*cking assh*le. But he’s also up front, he doesn’t do back room deals and all that”

          This is the most idiotic and biased shit someone’s ever posted on here. You want Eric to publicly shit on himself and assume he didn’t feel his first effort was solid when many of us enjoyed it. You’re speaking as if books aren’t a subjective matter. Add to that, he’s been improving his product each release, which is all that can be asked.

          Next, how did the FNT crew do EVS wrong? Why is he owed their platform? He had beef with Jeremy long before there were issues with Eric. Why in the world would they owe someone their platform, especially since he’s not someone they have any internet talking to? Stating this as if he’s owed anything is retarded and he’s proven that he shouldn’t be given access because he can’t even finish 4 year old campaigns. It would’ve been a stain to even promote someone like that.

          Lastly, EVS doesn’t do backroom deals? You sound like you just entered this space yesterday, wildly uninformed. He’s the Indie comics king of backroom deals, sneak attacks, and cancelation. He trademarked the CG label to become the defacto king, and made a movement a mafia. Now that he’s devolved into a drama farmer, he’s hurting the space terribly. He’s weaponized group to attack his enemies like he did with Warcampaign, then disavowed then when they were no longer useful.

          If you claim to wear your heart on your sleeve, then maybe do some research and not sperg, (with a clear EVS bias), like an uneducated dipshit.

          Uninformed people spouting biased nonsense not based on reality is what’s driving toxicity. You might wanna consider that people like you are inherently the problem.



            “Half of Twitter blocked me”

            Lack of self-awareness is hilarious. At some point, maybe you look into a mirror and find that you are actually the problem.


            Dude, you’re fucking noise, I’m not going to dignify your low brow, immature screams with a response. Scream into a fucking pillow or something. Go paint some more Warhammer figurines. Occupy yourself. Draw some Rippaverse fan art.

            Edit: This thread has been edited so my reply now looks overblown. Typical subversive tactics.


              This is the type of response I would expect when your uninformed, blatantly biased for EVS narrative, gets nuked from orbit by someone who actually knows what’s going on.

              You made numerous asinine statements that can’t be logically defended. Ethan isn’t owed anyone’s platform, and it’s not a shock FNT wouldn’t want to have him on when he ran his mouth about the person who owns this website and is the co-host of FNT.

              You also expect Eric July, who was hoping to sell at least 5k of Isom 1 and break even, to for some strange reason, publicly state that his book wasn’t up to expectations when plenty of people enjoyed it and he’s striving to improve. Is that to make you feel good about your subjective opinion?

              You lack any research on all the nefarious garbage that Ethan did, and you complain about this space while Trashcast is literally the most toxic thing in the corner of the YT sphere. Hell, Ethan’s sperging and drama farming has evolved into all one-sided nonsense with no other content creators even responding at this point. He even hired a psycho to do puppet shows for him, one even including Drunk3po in his attacks. What has Jay done to anyone?

              You’re a clearly biased EVS cuck who can even post an unbiased article. You are the problem in this sphere.


              CyberFrog at NASCAR

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