This isn’t fun any more (FNT scene cannibalizing’s each other)

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    “Prop up as god’s gift to Earth?” Where are you even getting this from? I’ve respected Ethan as a creator, but as a human he’s kind of garbage a lot of the time and i’ve called him out multiple times. You keep projecting this infatuation on me to cover this community’s constant dick riding of Eric.

    “On Ethan’s word”? Eric blocked me on twitter for my own engagements with the guy, I was having a random conversation with him about how it was disengenuous to use his fans to tell people how great his comic was long before trashcast ever aired. That singular interactoin I had has played out thousands of times with MANY PEOPLE as Eric shuts out reality by utilizing you guys to shut out the truth, you guys are enabling each other this bizarre fantasy that you’re both great, but it’s cringe across the board. This goes beyond making money and enjoying comic books, you guys are legitimately feeding off each other in a bizarre need for reach arounds and validation.

    The reality is, the decay caused by ISOM is not stemming from the crazed rants of EVS infecting his own cult to attack Eric, I know you guys would like to believe that, but it’s simply not true. It’s just an objectively bad comic, and it’s an objectively toxic community that he has fostered with his fans, and many of us are attempting to stage interventions to save you, because this is not healthy.

    The Rippaverse is a bit of a Cult, I wish I could say this was playful banter, but the followers of Eric are toxic and are utilized to control and demean others while uplifting their handler, the fact no one addresses it in this “fellowship” is doing consistent damage to the legitimacy of everyone in this circle and pulling everyone down to their level.

    I wasn’t speaking to the #’s, though I can’t imagine they’re doing great, I was talking more to the general wellness of this scene, the value it has in terms of positive energies. That’s been the point of these threads. Had Eric July put out a great comic and was fostering contentment and a will towards hard work and actually being great this would be a thread of praise, instead he’s sowing division and gaslighting and here you are for some inexplicable reason shilling for the man.

    It used to be fun around here, it used to be a jolly place where nerds could come together and nerd out and stupid shit. Now everyone’s got a knife at each other’s throats as they play these disgusting games trying to astroturf fame and fortune for their favorite cult leader. It’s gross.

    Funny  to say I still enjoy watching eric and catch him when he’s streaming with Az from time to time. I don’t hate the man, I just take issue with the environment he has created.


    Shat on Grumms a bit in this thread, but after watching this, I gotta say, I’m fully behind this guy.

    This dude is suffering all the slings and arrows, and I don’t think people understand just how vast the depths of petulant anger and hate the gaming industry has cultivated over the years.

    I hope Grumms is able to raise all the monies and these people that are doxxing him and his family over some silly videos games are absolutely disgusting.

    It’s absolutely sad and disgusting how vile and hateful everyone has become.

    There’s other toxic shit going on with Nick Reckieta, but all this trolling and shit is just so tiring. I wish we could have a little decency and stop stabbing back stabbing each other and have some accountability and truly try to be better across the board.

    This YouTube sphere just gets increasingly toxic and petty. We’re truly in a cultural crisis where drama and grifting is all that matters in this stupid world.


    This thread and others like it are still really good and authentic and raw and from the heart feedback. One thing I like about FNT and EVS is they are like, go ahead and roast me. They have thick skins. They can take it.

    Drama content may work for their groups, but normally, I am not that engaged by it. Criticize them all you want, but Grummz and Rekieta are professionals and we truly need more people like that in our spaces. Guys like Robert Barnes. Real professionalism. The reason Grummz is facing whatever he is going through is because he is perceived as a threat. He has the ability to make a huge difference, so whoever is going after him is probably deep state, and I am not even joking.

    At least Eric July puts out animation and some live action. After seeing that Logan The Wolf fan film, some of the critics on here made a point that stood out to me about Ethan. If EVS had worked harder, we could have had like a live action trailer of Reinbow The Brute and it would be funny if he could get Buff Dudes from youtube to play the live action roleplay Cosplay character of Reignbow the Brute. It could be really comedic and high testosterone and masculine.


    Gaming is the epicenter of so much social decay. All that money has brought in the most opportunist and greedy entities in the world and the space is now dominated by monopoly and gatekeeping. The vast majority of developers on the payroll are just smarm  fucks who stand around and scratch each others’ backs keeping the grift alive, conning everyone into thinking they’re ushering this wonderous communist utopia. Never have so many people worked on games, never have games been so shit.

    The sad truth is gaming has monetized the absolute worst behaviors in us all. The entire sphere is tribalistic in the most extreme ways, whether it be political, console, PC, favorite game, whatever. It’s just a really disgusting scene that could be so much more, and that’s what’s so sad about it.

    We have this wonderous space where we can create fun experiences that all can enjoy that doesn’t hurt the environment, doesn’t hurt anyone, doesn’t discriminate. It’s pure digital goodness. Yet somehow we managed to make it adversarial and stupid.

    It’s so fucking dumb, the entire scene has been brought down by this petulant hoarding of money and platforms and markets by the most immature assholes to ever exist.


    Gery Nerdrotic is kind of branching out into Art Bell Coast to Coast territory and seems to legit enjoy it. I think Ian Crossland or Dahboo would also be good at this kind of show. There’s also that guy AlienScientist, but I think he’s a bit technical. I like people who do this, like get a big fan base and do all kinds of different shows that are of interest. I am not that into the esoteric stuff, but really enjoyed that new documentary Old World Order by Stew Peters.
    As for Gary’s guest Mitch Horowitz, I read his books and enjoyed them. He goes into evolving religions and all the cults that were prevalent in American History. BTW, Mitch’s books are ripe for biopic films on these movements. All that stuff like The Secret they were into in the late 1800s. It’s not new. Dramatic films about cult movements are something that I would be into.

    Welcome to ParanormalX, your portal to the unknown. Hosted by Gary Buechler, also known as Nerdrotic.

    Whether you’re here to explore ghost stories, unravel UFO sightings, or dive into the depths of unexplained phenomena, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started on today’s journey into the paranormal.

    In this episode, Gary interviews Mitch Horowitz to discuss Time Travel and ParanormalX’s new Comic Book Series Weed, Ink, and Quantum Physics.

    Mitch Horowitz is a prolific writer and editor, deeply immersed in the world of the occult and esoteric. His acclaimed works, such as “Occult America” and “The Miracle Club,” explore the mysterious intersections of spirituality and American history. As a respected voice in the realms of metaphysics and mysticism, Mitch brings a wealth of knowledge from his years as the editor-in-chief at TarcherPerigee.

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