Shift Up Planning “Possible” Stellar Blade Sequel

After its successful debut (despite the controversy over censorship because Sony seems to have decided money is the enemy), I don’t think anyone figured Stellar Blade would be a one-and-done affair, but developer Shift Up has confirmed that probably won’t be the case. In an interview with Famitsu, a Japanese video game magazine, Shift Up’s creative director, Kim Hyung-tae, said the company has “a lot of plans in mind for the possibility of making a sequel.” He then says that a hypothetical (which I guess we have to say right now instead of “inevitable”) sequel “could be something that complements the story and worldview of this time, or it could be a completely different work” and that they will listen to what fans like about Stellar Blade when crafting a sequel if they do (which they will because let’s not kid ourselves). If you’re having trouble translating the article, Genki has the bullet points for you:

A Stellar Blade sequel would be less surprising than Madame Web being terrible, and it was a given that Shift Up has been thinking about one. What I like to hear is that they’re listening to their fans to decide how to develop another game. This is the right attitude to take, especially after the Free Stellar Blade campaign. Speaking of which, aside from the backlash, I think this is a major reason why they’re bending – or got Sony to bend – on the sexy costumes for Eve, the main character whose revealing outfits were toned down for the game’s release. Stellar Blade is a massive hit, but they need to keep their customers happy if they want to replicate that success for a sequel. Kim also mentions in the interview that the next Stellar Blade update will bring more costumes with it; I tend to think a few more restored outfits will be among them. Hopefully, Sony learned from their idiocy with the first game and will leave Shift Up the hell alone when it’s time to release the sequel.

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