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REVIEW: American Fiction (2023)

When I first saw a trailer for American Fiction before The Boy and the Heron over a month ago, I knew I needed to see it. Jeffrey Wright consistently delivers the goods, and this film looked hysterical. I’m only frustrated that it took weeks past the official release date for any theaters n...

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Paramount Won’t Censor Movies or Television

Paramount just gave freedom of expression the high sign. The Guardian reports that Paramount CEO Bob Bakish commented on censoring art, something that’s become all the rage among entertainment companies in the Woke Era. While in the UK promoting a deal with Sky that would give Sky Cinema subscribe...

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Twitter White Knights Against Sexy Female Comic Characters

Most anyone who has been a comic book fan since the 1990s has at least heard of Jeff Scott Campbell and seen his work. Known for his original works Danger Girl and Gen13, Campbell has used his unique style to great effect and acclaim within the industry. He is now regarded as one of the …

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New UK Magazine The Cosplay Journal Launches Next Month

Cosplayers are about to have some fun new reading material, as next month sees the launch of The Cosplay Journal. A coffee table magazine “focusing on the Diversity and Craft of cosplay,” specifically in the UK, The Cosplay Journal aims to “dispel the myths of what cosplayers look and act like...

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