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You Should Be Watching: About a Boy (2002)

Welcome back to You Should Be Watching, the home of lost or underappreciated TV and movies. In keeping with our theme of Christmas movies, this week we’ll be taking a look at 2002’s About a Boy. This is technically bending the rules a little; this film has Christmas in it, and, in fact, Christma...

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REVIEW: The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

This Thanksgiving, Netflix released The Christmas Chronicles, a Christmas adventure starring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. I love Christmas movies and Kurt Russell as an actor, so when I heard about this film, I was anxious to see it. Thanksgiving was a great day to release it, as for many people thi...

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REVIEW: The Grinch (2018)

When I first started seeing ads for Illumination’s attempt at adapting Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, my first thought was, “Oh God, here we go again.” I think many people probably shared the same sentiment; you hear a lot of mixed opinions on the 2000 Jim Carrey version, but I t...

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REVIEW: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

When I heard that Disney was making a movie based on The Nutcracker, I was a little worried. I’m no expert on the original story, but I’ve seen the ballet in person, and I willingly admit that I might still occasionally watch Barbie in the Nutcracker at Christmastime. Disney is my favorite thing...

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REVIEW: Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out deals with ideas of toxic masculinity and how fragile the male ego can be, diving into how men look at women as mirrors, expecting their feelings toward them to be reflected back. When they aren’t reciprocated perfectly, easily-bruised masculinity breaks the mirror. The character...

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Why Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

You hear it every year, the refrain of the party poopers who want to ruin everyone’s fun: “Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie.” While no Christmas Season is ever short of Grinches, this year in particular seems to be bringing the wassail Nazis out of the woodwork, and Die Hard is their target,...

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