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REVIEW: Star Wars Resistance – Season One, Episode Eleven “Station Theta Black”

*Spoilers* In “Station Theta Black,” Yeager has loaned Kaz the Fireball, angering Tam. Yeager reminds the feisty mechanic that he technically still owns the ship, to her reply that one of the stabilizers is still missing; she’s angry because she was in the process of fixing it. We cut to K...

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Disney Releases First Trailer for Disney Channel Kim Possible Movie

This week, Disney dropped the first footage of their upcoming Kim Possible reboot. We already knew that relative unknowns Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone would be playing Kim and her best friend turned boyfriend Ron Stoppable, and that original Kim Possible voice Christy Carlson-Romano and actor/co...

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Avengers: Endgame Trailer and Poster Finally Released

After months of teases and rumors, false starts and vague assurances, Marvel Studios has finally released the title, poster and trailer for what we can now accurately call Avengers: Endgame. It feels a little ridiculous to say it’s been a long wait – Avengers: Infinity War only came out earlier ...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Resistance – Season 1, Episode 10 “Secrets and Holograms”

*Spoilers* “Secrets and Holograms” opens with Torra playing a game and ultimately deciding to ask her father if she can join him on a mission. However, he declines, saying that it’s not safe for her; she storms into her room. He leaves a droid in charge of her, but she tricks it into walki...

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Second Captain Marvel Trailer Arrives

Avengers 4 may be at the forefront of all our minds, but Marvel reminded us there’s one more movie before the big showdown with Thanos by releasing a second Captain Marvel trailer tonight. An Avengers trailer is expected to debut on Wednesday. It’s a smart strategy; make them feel like a shared ...

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Is Disney Bad?

Lately, something has been annoying me a lot. When you hear kids talk about Disney, it’s probably about characters or productions that they like. With adults, it can be that, or it can be talking about how evil and greedy corporate Disney is, or what bad messages/role models they put in their ...

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