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Doctor Who: Chibnall’s Final Episode Has a Name

The final days of the king of the desolation that is Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall, are rapidly approaching. The last episode of the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, who we’ll lovingly call Doctor Karen, is mere weeks away. Chibnall will soon give up his crown and hand the wasteland he...

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Doctor Who: The Death of Doctor Karen is Coming Soon

No longer do Doctor Who fans rally around in anticipation to witness The Doctor overcoming insurmountable odds to defeat fearsome foes. Nor do they revel in the bittersweet farewells to their most beloved Doctors, partially rebuffing whoever comes to replace the most recent fan favorite. Now, the on...

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Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Fallout

Doctor Who: Legends of the Sea Devils just released, marking the beginning of the end for this tenuous, at best, era of the beloved British sci-fi series. In a strange divergence from the legendarily bad episodes that have personified Chris Chibnall’s era, the majority of Legends of the Sea Devils...

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Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Gets a Release Date

The end is nigh; the absolution of Doctor Who or its final destruction is only two episodes away, and that penultimate episode finally has a release date. As it was rumored for many months, The Legend of the Sea Devils will air on Easter Sunday, April 17th. This upcoming episode is described by Doct...

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