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Homeworld 3 Changed by Activists During Development?

Yet another video game appears to have been infected with wokeness, DEI, and other Hydra heads, but this one is an interesting case because it seems to have been done late in the game’s development. I’m talking about Homeworld 3, a real-time strategy sci-fi game developed by Blackbird Interactiv...

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Helm an Amazon Tomb Raider TV Series

Many modern-day filmmakers and creatives can be characterized as franchise destroyers, creative cancer, or utter frauds, such as anyone out of Bad Reboot. However, few individuals are more deserving of these titles than Phoebe Waller-Bridge, destroyer of James Bond and the soon-to-be destroyer of I...

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Square Enix Sells Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal to Embracer

On May 1st, Square Enix agreed to sell three of its Western studios and the IP attached to them to Embracer Group. While the transaction isn’t final yet, Embracer is set to pay $300 million for the acquisition of Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics from Square Enix Inc. ...

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