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Pixar Seeks to Restore Reputation Through Sequels

Bloomberg UK ran an interesting piece yesterday about Pixar, their president, Jim Morris, and his strategy to regain the studio’s prestige. I recommend the whole piece for the interviews and even the header image. This image by artist Sean Dong shows various icons of Pixar’s past as well-loved t...

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Daily Wire Launches Children’s Entertainment Company Bentkey

The Daily Wire has made another advancement in the culture wars. Yesterday, the 100th anniversary of Disney, the conservative media company launched its own children’s entertainment company, Bentkey. In a video introducing Bentkey, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing said the company will not ...

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DreamWorks Animation Lays Off 70 Employees

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that DreamWorks Animation underwent mass layoffs, eliminating 70 positions from its ranks. Unsurprisingly, this comes as part of an initiative to cut costs. DWA is having a rough time following the underperformance of Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kracken earlier this yea...

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Shrek Goes Missing: 200-Pound Sculpture Stolen

Looks like Shrek needs a hero! A 200-pound Shrek sculpture in Massachusetts has been stolen from its home! *Image courtesy of Hatfield Police Department According to the homeowner, the sculpture is “kind of [an] iconic statue in the town and it is worth roughly $500,  but it’s pricelessR...

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My Top 5 Favorite Things in 2022

There’s so much garbage entertainment out there that it can be refreshing to talk about the things and artists that get it right. Two years ago, I made a top 5 list for 2020, but I chose not to do one for 2021 because I didn’t think there was enough noteworthy stuff to discuss. That &hel...

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GameSpot Dropped the Teaser Trailer for Payday 3

This New Year’s Eve, GameSpot dropped a teaser trailer for Payday 3. Many fans of Payday 1 and 2 got a treat in the announcement of the third installment. The video shows the New York City Skyline with the World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge in the shot as fireworks go off. The camera...

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