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An Interview with Epic Mike of Geeks + Gamers

Epic Mike graciously decided to sit down with me and have a chat. Blabbering Collector: How did you hear about Geeks + Gamers? Epic Mike: I met Josiah around back in 2015… it was a long time ago. Anyways, years later, Josiah goes, “Hey, bro, I found this really cool group on Facebook cal...

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Jeremy Makes a Mistake, Still Ratios G4

So, Ryan and Drunk 3PO might be fired. I’m kidding, but they did get Jeremy into a quagmire (which he somehow managed to navigate). Three days ago, G4TV – sworn enemy of male gamers everywhere – tweeted an image asking their followers to name the best villain of all time. Above the image, they...

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Geeks + Gamers/Nerdrotic Panel at the Dallas Fan Expo!

On Saturday, June 18, Geeks + Gamers and Nerdrotic will have a panel at the Dallas Fan Expo! Jeremy and Ryan will join Gary Buechler from Nerdrotic to discuss building a YouTube channel, respecting your audience, fandom, and more! The panel will run from 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM in Theater #6, on the cent...

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Geeks + Gamers Attended the Terror on the Prairie Premiere

On Monday night, Geeks + Gamers went to Nashville to attend the premiere of The Daily Wire’s new movie Terror on the Prairie, starring Gina Carano and Nick Searcy. There’s been a lot of buzz about The Daily Wire venturing into filmmaking in an attempt to counter mainstream Hollywood’s ever-lef...

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An Interview With X-ray Girl

I had a lovely chat with long division champion X-ray Girl! Blabbering Collector: How and when did you get involved with Geeks + Gamers? X-ray Girl: I started dating Marc in December of 2019. He was already involved with G+G, and every time I would visit him, he would have Mario Kart Sundays. And, f...

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An Interview With ThatTuggLife

Blabbering Collector: How did you get into Geeks + Gamers? ThatTuggLife: Before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out, I was on Reddit, and one user leaked a whole bunch of information, like the Rey and Kylo kiss, Rey’s yellow lightsaber, the two lightsabers, Luke and Leia’s Force Gh...

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