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Video Game Developers Ditch Sweet Baby Inc.

You know all those social media posts about cutting toxic people out of your life and the lack of guilt that should be associated with such? Perhaps the video game industry should consider it. During their appearance on Tuesday Night’s Main Event (which you can watch on the Geeks + Gamers YouTube ...

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The Epic Race to 1 MILLION Subs Has Claimed a Victor

We were told man buns are ghey, and this proves it. The epic race to ONE MILLION subscribers with Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc, a talented, flamboyant metal singer, has reached its crescendo. It all began with a tweet from the latter challenging the former to this race on their respective...

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A Message From a Humble Nerd

As with anything on the internet, or even in real life, drama ensues when there are many voices vying for the megaphone. In this case, the controversy over Sweet Baby Inc. and GamerGate 2.0 continues, but not in the way most would expect. Matt Walsh, one of the Daily Wire personalities, is in the th...

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Neckbeards Slay the Dragon

Being a neckbeard ain’t so bad. There are three kinds of people in our space of Geeks + Gamers: neckbeards, pussies, and asshole activists. Gamergate 2.0 started harmlessly enough. Wolverine is six feet tall now, and Deadpool is a pivotal piece of the Marvel Universe. SWEET! Give us more of this s...

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Az vs. Act Man: A Requiem for the Haters from the Geeks and the Gamers

Geek cannibalizes gamer in a world devoid of brotherhood as the networks of whisper pump us with poison. View counts tally as consumers shuffle rage baits. The algorithm craves its blood, and we happily oblige.  Having your guts spilled on Twitter for spectacle is just another given Sunday in our s...

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Dean Cain Talks James Gunn’s Superman with Geeks + Gamers

James Gunn’s Superman movie – which is now officially called Superman – has begun filming, and whatever your expectations at this stage, everyone is eager to see what the new version of the world’s greatest superhero will be like. That includes Superman himself, Dead Cain, the co-star (with...

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