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More Lost Classic Doctor Who Episodes to be Restored

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running television shows ever and the longest-running sci-fi television show of all time. Yet, fans of this franchise cannot accomplish even the most basic tenet of fandom: watching every single episode of the show. For one reason or another, many Classic Doctor Who ...

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Doctor Who Christmas Specials Ranked

For the Whovians and Whooligans of the world, few things exemplify the Christmas spirit and Christmastime more than the Doctor Who Christmas Specials. Marrying this franchise with this holiday may have at first seemed an odd choice back when Russell T. Davies made it a staple of the series. Yet, upo...

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The 15th Doctor’s Costume Revealed

The future of the Doctor Who franchise is in a very precarious situation. Tentative excitement or total black-pilling are both entirely warranted at this point, considering its recent history. For every positive announcement, such as Millie Gibson’s casting, the new logo, or the return of Christma...

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Doctor Who Series 14 Begins Production

The new era of Doctor Who has officially begun. The 60th anniversary, with David Tennant, Ncuti Gatwa, Catherine Tate, and Neil Patrick Harris, has long been filmed, and production for the first official series of this new era has finally started. The reinvented Doctor Who brand released this news ...

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Approached to Write Doctor Who

The Disney production that Doctor Who has become is in an extremely precarious position. It must recover the countless viewers lost during the Chibnall era and recoup its place as one of the top sci-fi franchises. However, every decision made seems to be in opposition to this lofty goal. From the Di...

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A New Doctor Who Companion Joins the TARDIS

The jury is still out on whether or not quality will return to Doctor Who with the return of Russell T. Davies. Once upon a time, he gave fans some of the best television ever put to screen, but in recent years, a fall from grace has been apparent. In the meantime, all fans can do is wait &hellip...

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