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New Starfield Details Confirm No Seamless Landing on Planets Among Other Things

A new interview between Todd Howard and IGN clarified a surprising number of details regarding Bethesda’s upcoming open-world sci-fi RPG Starfield. While Todd has been known to exaggerate, some of the things he shared seem very plausible and intelligent. More Hand-Crafted Content Than any Oth...

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Sony’s June State of Play Shows Resident Evil 4 Remake and Final Fantasy XVI

First off, no God of War Ragnorok here, folks. There are plenty of exciting showings with today’s State of Play, but I’ll just temper expectations out of the gate. The show starts off with the tiniest sneak peek at a shadowed silhouette of the PS5 Pro. It was so brief it was almost meme-...

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The Latest February Nintendo Direct Was Awesome

Even without any Breath of the Wild 2 coverage, this Nintendo Direct was a treat. This is the first Direct after a 5-month hiatus, so there’s a lot to show here. The presentation appealed to classic Nintendo fans with new showcases of Kirby and Splatoon 3, and RPG fans, giving us a plethora of...

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