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Neve Campbell May Return for Scream 7

Surprise, Sidney! Melissa Barrera’s removal from Scream 7 may have paved the way for the horror series to bring back its true heroine. Barrera was the new lead of the series, with the Ghostface curse (for lack of a better term) transferred to her character from Sidney Prescott, who had previously...

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REVIEW: Thanksgiving (2023)

I don’t go into many movies with a lot of hope nowadays, and I never expected a whole lot from horror films, so I’m happy to be surprised on occasion. Thanksgiving was one such treat, a fun, (mostly) smart slasher with decent characters and something genuinely interesting to say about the true ...

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Ferrari Trailer is in to Win

Another racing movie is speeding towards movie screens as Neon has released the first trailer for Michael Mann’s Ferrari. Based on the book Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine about the life of Enzo Ferrari, the man behind the Ferrari car manufacturer, Ferrari is a passion project for Mann, ...

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REVIEW: Disenchanted (2022)

This week saw the early release of Disney’s Disenchanted on Disney+. The original 2007 film Enchanted was a fun musical parody of classic Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Little Mermaid. It has become something of a cult classic in the intervening years and, in...

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Disenchanted Trailer 2 Casts a Curse

Today, Disney released another trailer for Disenchanted. This clip reveals a bit more story, as we see Nancy and Edward return and how Giselle’s wish comes to be. Robert’s lackluster experience in Monroeville and the tension between Giselle and Morgan are also on display here. Check it ...

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Disenchanted Gets New Poster, Release Date

As was earlier speculated, Disney+ has moved Disenchanted’s release up by a week from November 24th to the 18th. They also released a new poster for the film today. The poster shows Giselle with the magic wand she wields in the trailer. Take a look here: I’ve already said my piece abou...

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