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Fortnite Update 22.2 – Fortnitemares

When the servers went offline for the update at 4:00 AM Eastern on October 18th, Fortnite dropped a video on their YouTube channel with a trailer. The trailer is interesting; there’s a wolf-headed skin featured that was hinted at in the Fortnitemares date announcement. When you read the article on...

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New Fortnite and Among Us Announcements

Fortnite has released some info this week about in-game items and skins. The different sort of gun we saw in the season trailer has finally been announced and put in the game. The tweet calls it the Explosive Goo Gun and includes a video showing it in action. The goo that the gun shoots explodes, &h...

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Fortnite Update v22.10

Fortnite has done the first big update of the season. According to the article linked in this tweet, there have been gun, loot, and Battle Pass changes. First off, they vaulted the normal DMR and replaced it with a Cobra DMR. They say it has a fast fire rate, and you’ll be able to get …

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New Fortnite Soundwave Series – Aya Nakamura and Discord Quests

Fortnite has announced its next Soundwave Series event’s artist and date. According to the tweet, the artist is going to be Aya Nakamura, and the event will be on October 6th at 12:00 PM Eastern. If you participate, you’ll be awarded a loading screen, spray, and XP. According to the video announ...

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Fortnite Marvel Zero War Crossover Comics

For four months, Fortnite and Marvel have been dropping crossover comics and selling them in local comic shops. The first one was released on June 8th. Each comic has a code that unlocks items in the game. The updating article about the Zero War crossover that they linked in the tweet on June 7th re...

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New Week Means New Info About Games

The collaboration that Among Us hinted at has been revealed. According to their tweet, they are doing a Cosmicube, which are the in-game rewards to unlock stuff to customize with, in collaboration with Hololive. When you go to the Hololivetv Twitter account, their bio says it is the official one for...

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