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GT7 User Ratings Plummet Amid 2-Day Outage and MTX Economy

Gran Turismo 7 has launched to a rocky start after its initial slew of glowing reviews. Patches introducing more problems and worse reward payouts and a 30-hour server maintenance blackout resulting in virtually all single-player content being unplayable have resulted in the familiar Metacritic revi...

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Things That Baffle Me in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 has finally been released on PS5 and PS4, and it’s a very competent racing sim-cade with deep driving mechanics and a seriously awesome physics engine. I’m really enjoying the driving feel of all the cars in this one, but I also haven’t been this dumbfounded with a g...

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“F-ck Joe Biden” Chants Taking Over NASCAR and all Live Events

Brandon Brown took his first NASCAR Xfinity Series victory on Saturday at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway. He gave a very jubilant and excited interview to NBC reporter Kelli Stavast and gave shoutouts to his father: “Dad, we did it, let’s go!” But more importantly, the fans wanted to get ...

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REVIEW: Ford v Ferrari (2019)

James Mangold’s Ford v Ferrari is a red-blooded American movie, a celebration of a man’s drive to pursue his passion with everything he’s got, a lamentation on the corporate world’s determination to break the spirit of the individual, and the satisfaction in knowing you can d...

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REVIEW: Forza Horizon 4 (2018)

Driving and racing games have captured the speed demon residing within gamers of all ages for decades. Whether it’s been the arcade racing of Cruisin’ USA, the high-octane chases of Need for Speed, or the crash test explosiveness of the Burnout franchise, we all love to drive cool cars. For the ...

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