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Extraction Director Sam Hargrave Signs on for Kill Them All

Extraction was only the beginning. Deadline reports that Sam Hargrave, who directed the Netflix action extravaganza starring Chris Hemsworth (and its sequel), has signed on to direct the upcoming action film Kill Them All. An adaptation of a Kickstarter-funded graphic novel from Kyle M. Starks, Kil...

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Extraction 2 Trailer is Invincible

What John Wick is doing at the theater, Tyler Rake is about to do for streaming. Netflix has released a trailer for Extraction 2, the sequel to their hit action movie from 2020. Little is known about the plot of Extraction 2 other than it features Tyler Rake once again rescuing someone from a danger...

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Extraction 2 First Look Promises More Action

Part of Netflix’s Tudum event – and by far the part that most interests me – was a behind-the-scenes “first look” video describing the making of Extraction 2 (which looks like it’ll be the official title). There are plenty of shots of Chris Hemsworth in action as Tyler Rake, the mercenar...

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Joe Russo Talks Extraction Sequel

Time to rake up some evildoers! In an exclusive interview with Collider, Joe and Anthony Russo discussed the upcoming sequel to Extraction, their Netflix-released action movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Joe Russo had some interesting tidbits about what the film will look and feel like, and they sound...

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Chris Hemsworth Confirms Extraction Sequel

Chris Hemsworth hasn’t been extracted just yet. In accepting his E! People’s Choice Award for Action Movie Star of the Year via Instagram, Hemsworth assured fans that there will be a “sequel coming soon” to Extraction, the Netflix action film produced by Joe and Anthony Russo in which he sta...

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