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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episode 12, “The Outpost”

“Vicious creatures, but you have to admire them; they find a way to survive.” ***SPOILERS*** “The Outpost” sees Crosshair and a few other Clone Troopers sent to reinforce an Imperial outpost. They’re joined by Lieutenant Nolan. The Outpost is attacked, and the ship is b...

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episode 6, “Tribe”

*SPOILERS* “Tribe” finds the Batch making a delivery to a notorious crime syndicate on Cid’s behalf. Echo and Omega are tasked with watching the ship while the others make the drop. However, when Echo decides to prep the Havoc Marauder, Omega sees her chance to explore and runs i...

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RUMOR: Bad Batch Season 2 to Premiere September 28th

Disney+ has the trailer for season 2 of The Bad Batch as one of the titles on its banner in the app. Allegedly, the slider for the show initially displayed “Coming September 28th,” only to later be changed to “coming soon.” This comes following the trailer debut at last week&...

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Star Wars Celebration: The Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer

It’s the final day of Star Wars Celebration, and with it comes a trailer for The Bad Batch season 2. The first season premiered on Star Wars Day 2021 and culminated in the destruction of the Kaminoan cloning facilities. This trailer shows a more altruistic Clone Force 99 and what looks to be a...

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My Breakup with Disney

It’s sad when one grows up loving and adoring Disney and all its characters to being an adult and cheering when Disney does something incredibly stupid. But Disney has repeatedly insulted a large portion of their fan base, and it’s just too much to ignore. Buckle up because I have a lot to say. ...

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