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Games Journalists Attack Gamers and Mark Kern

If you want to know how the recent reaction from gamers over the woke influence in video games – GamerGate 2, if you want to call it that – is going, take a look at the reaction from games journalists. They’re attacking gamers and Mark Kerns, the former Blizzard producer who goes by Grummz on ...

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Grummz Reveals Another Way Community Managers Ruin Games

Former Blizzard producer Mark Kern, alias Grummz, has been talking about the ubiquity of video game community managers who have a clear sociopolitical agenda and say disturbing things about race and the gamers they’re supposed to interact with. I wrote about it a few days ago when Grummz posted ab...

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RUMOR: Batman Returns and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Ends

Not even Sweet Baby Inc. can kill Batman, but Batman fans can kill a bad video game. A recent series of X posts from a video game scooper named Miller Ross, who Bounding Into Comics says is proven and reliable, claims to have information on what the next few seasons of Suicide Squad: Kill the &helli...

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Canadian Government-Run News Source Smears Kabrutus

Kabrutus is getting more attention every day. Recently, CBC Radio, the radio division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, ran an article about Kabrutus, Sweet Baby Inc., and Kabrutus’ Sweet Baby Inc. Detected curator. It’s nothing you haven’t read before: Kabrutus started a “targeted h...

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Nintendo of America Requires DEI Awareness of Localizers

Remember when people reporting on Sweet Baby Inc. said that they and other woke video game consulting firms were just a symptom and that game developers and larger video game companies were part of the problem, too? Nintendo just proved everyone right. X user packergirl shared an image of a job ad N...

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Melanin Gamers Launches The Toxicity Rating

In the wake of the Sweet Baby Inc. blowup, the gaming community is shining a light on the various consulting firms trying to woke-ify video games. The latest exposed cockroach is a group called Melanin Gamers, diversity and inclusion consultants who, according to their website, “help identify barr...

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