Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Debuts New Skins and Prepares for Mrs. Freeze

If you thought the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League situation couldn’t get any funnier, I’d advise you to have some painkillers on hand because this one will make you laugh till it hurts. At this point, everyone knows what a disaster the game is and how it brought Sweet Baby Inc. and other woke consulting firms into the light thanks to people like Kabrutus and Mark Kern, aka Grummz. The game is currently in its first season (when the hell did video games start using television terminology?), and it has a new “episode 2” update that comes with free skins for the five playable characters – Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and in “season 1,” the Joker. The skins are based on the final boss battle of Arkham Asylum, where the Joker injected himself with Venom and became a bulked-up Joker monster, and they look awful.

What was the reasoning here? Did they feel like Kill the Justice League wasn’t lame enough or something? Transposing this look to the Suicide Squad looks goofy. What would have been cool is if they made skins where the characters were all infected with Joker Venom and had the rictus grins the Joker gives his victims. On the Joker, it just would have made him look more like he’s supposed to look, but on the others, it could have been haunting and creepy. It’s also probably not wise to reference a game that’s infinitely better than this one (I assume; I haven’t played this), especially one from the same series. You’re just reminding gamers that they could be playing something worth their time. I mean, this is so bad even Kotaku is making fun of it:

But it gets worse… much worse. This one has been a long time coming; four months ago, Miller Ross revealed the new playable characters for each “season” of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League:

Suicide Squad Mrs. Freeze

Season 2 is set to have “Mrs. Freeze,” or Victoria Fries, a variation of the classic Batman villain Mr. Freeze, whose real name is Victor Fries. That her name is not Nora Fries suggests this is not Fries’ wife; this is simply a gender-swapped Mr. Freeze. It’s hard to say whether this was on purpose or not; it would be easy for me to believe that Sweet Baby Inc. or whoever made this decision has no idea who Nora Fries is or that Victor Fries even has a wife. But either way, the intention is to turn a classically male Batman villain into a female instead of using one of his female villains, or one of the many throughout the DC Universe. It’s like they want people to hate this game even more.

But here’s the funniest part. A subreddit called Gaming Leaks and Rumors posted a link to an image of what Mrs. Freeze will look like, and it’s a doozy. Before I post it, keep in mind that this hasn’t technically been confirmed, so it’s best to remain skeptical right now, but the original Reddit poster has a link to someone who posted the actual image rather than a link and got a copyright strike from Warner Bros., so it’s starting to look likely that it’s real. @MangaLawyer shared the image on X:

I mean, come on! If that’s real, they had to have known nobody would like this. The constant barrage of this crap in video games and other forms of entertainment really feels like spite at this point. Nobody believes something that like that will be welcomed with open arms by gamers or Batman fans. This is a middle finger extended to normal people. The only good thing about any of this – outside of how funny it is – is that it will cost Warner Bros. and whoever else is involved even more money as they continue to support the game. I wonder if they’ll even make it to future seasons.

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