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RUMOR: Owl House Finale Release Date Revealed

Several outlets report that the Owl House series finale has an official release date. I have yet to see this announced by Disney or any of the cable companies, so for now, it should be treated as a rumor. The episode is titled “Watching and Dreaming,” and the apparent air date is April ...

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The Owl House “For the Future” Ratings Are In

The ratings for “For the Future,” the latest Owl House special, are in, and they’re great. Between Disney Channel and Disney XD, the episode brought in 442,000 views, and it hit 1,200,000 views on YouTube within its first 24 hours of upload.  I’ll be honest; I don’t ...

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REVIEW: The Owl House – Season 3, Episode 2, “For the Future”

I’ll always be mad at Disney for cutting The Owl House short, whether it was planned for more seasons or just a full, 20-episode season 3. At this point, it’s up to the creators to satisfy fan expectations in less than two hours, tying up plotlines involving two villains and several he...

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Owl House Special “For the Future” Gets a Trailer

This weekend, Disney released a short trailer for the upcoming second season 3 Owl House special. “For the Future” sees Luz and her friends journey back into the Boiling Isles and face the Collector. The episode airs next Saturday, January 21st, on Disney Channel and its YouTube channe...

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Owl House Season 3 Gets Return Date

Finally, Disney announced when The Owl House would return today. The second season 3 special will air on January 21st at 9:00 PM and is titled “For the Future.” Check out a Tweet below: It’s good to finally have some confirmation on the show’s return. After “Thanks to...

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Dana Terrace Talks Owl House

Today, local Connecticut publication CT Insider released an interview with Owl House creator Dana Terrace. Terrace herself is from Connecticut, and Luz’s hometown of Gravesfield is in Connecticut, based on Terrace’s upbringing. In the conversation, Terrace discusses how her teen years i...

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