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Top 10 Treehouse of Horror Segments

While The Simpsons is a faint shadow of its former self these days (and has been for quite some time), the show’s heyday manages to transcend its disappointing legacy, shining as an indelible part of American pop culture and still entertaining while the animated sitcom has long passed its sell-by ...

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Family Guy to Leave Adult Swim

The Griffins are moving to a whole new station. Deadline reports that in the aftermath of the Disney-Fox acquisition new syndication deals are going to be struck for Fox’s veteran animated sitcoms. Also mentioned was the fact that Family Guy would leave Adult Swim once the agreement expires in...

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The Full Scope of Disney Buying Fox

Disney’s acquisition of Fox means a lot more than character rights and franchises; it’s a deal that could change television and film as we know it. The deal of the year has been confirmed – Disney have bought Fox for $52.4 billion, they will also acquire $13.7 billion of debt making the de...

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