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James Gunn Explains DC TV Cancellations

James Gunn has been co-CEO of DC Studios for a whopping three months, and already he’s had his hands full. Back in December of 2022, he gave a brief overview of Warner Bros Discovery’s vision moving forward with DC, including the heartbreaking news that Henry Cavill would not be returning as Sup...

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Titans’ Curran Walters Shares Season 3 Set Photo

This Sunday, April the 10th, Curran Walters shared a Titans season 3 set photo to his Instagram account. Walters plays Jason Todd in the series, and in season 3, he will become the Red Hood. The picture shows a road sign that simply says, “You Are Now Leaving Gotham.” Filming of season 3 was pos...

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Titans and Young Justice: A Comparison

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of DC movies and TV shows I’ve missed throughout the years. I’ve had more time to watch TV, and HBO Max seemingly has everything they’ve put out, making it more convenient to catch up. Much of what I’ve seen has been unimpressive and unr...

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Iain Glen to Play Bruce Wayne on Titans

Winter has come for Bruce Wayne. Deadline reports that Game of Thrones star Iain Glen has been cast in the recurring role of Batman’s alter ego for season 2 of Titans. Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed more of a willingness to allow the Bat Family proper to appear on television. Yes, we’v...

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REVIEW: Titans – Episodes 4 and 5, “Doom Patrol” and “Together”

*Spoilers Ahead* Week to week, Titans continues to surprise me. Episodes 4 and 5 are great because of the chemistry between the characters and the introduction of new heroes to this side of the DC universe. In Episode 4, ”Doom Patrol,” we’re given a lot of time with Gar and Rachel, seeing the...

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REVIEW: Titans – Episodes 1-3 “Titans,” “Hawk and Dove,” “Origins”

Any of you who know me and saw my coverage, you know I’ve been pretty pessimistic about Titans ever since the first trailer dropped. It seemed like it was being edgy for the sake of being edgy, the production design looked weak, the effects looked like pure garbage, and the show as presented j...

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