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Jordan Peele Slates Next Film Project

Universal has slated a new Jordan Peele film to release on Christmas Day of 2024. At this time, there is no title, premise, or even genre associated with the movie. Universal has released Get Out, Us, and Nope with Peele. Universal also placed an untitled Monkeypaw film to release on September 27th,...

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Jordan Peele Wants to Make Movies About Black People, and That’s OK

This Monday, in a conversation with students at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Jordan Peele made some remarks about race and the casting of his movies. Specifically, he plans to continue casting black lead actors after his successful horror films Get Out and Us. Any time you mention race (or, let...

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REVIEW: Us (2019)

In 2017, Jordan Peele made his directorial debut with the horror film Get Out. People had questions about whether the sketch comedian could realistically find success with a horror movie. To say Get Out was successful would be an understatement; it was both a critical and financial triumph, grossin...

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