Tenet to be Re-Released in IMAX This February

Even giants sometimes need a second chance. Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi spy film Tenet will be re-released in IMAX theaters for one week starting February 23, 2024. The engagement is being designed as a lead-in to Dune: Part Two, which arrives in theaters on March 1; as such, screenings of Tenet will feature some exclusive footage from Dune. This will also allow moviegoers to see Tenet on an IMAX screen after Nolan’s movie got a very limited release during the COVID lockdowns and wasn’t screened in New York City or Los Angeles. Dune: Part Two, meanwhile, was scheduled to hit theaters late last year but was delayed due to the actors’ strike, which scuttled a big IMAX deal to have Denis Villeneuve’s epic remain in IMAX theaters longer than usual.

Christopher Nolan is pleased with the release:

“Seeing the way audiences responded to our large format presentations of Oppenheimer, I’m thrilled that Warner Bros. is giving audiences a chance to see Tenet the way it was intended to be seen, on the largest Imax and large format film screens, and I’m honored to have our movie warm up the film projectors for Denis’ jaw-dropping Dune: Part Two.”

Villeneuve is appreciative as well:

“As an audience member, I have always valued Chris’s forward thinking when it comes to shooting on film and especially in large formats. As directors, we are completely in sync; on Dune, we shot several sequences for Imax, and I simply loved it, so for Dune: Part Two, we pushed it to 100 percent of the movie. That is why I am just as eager to see Tenet again, but now in 70mm Imax, the way they filmed it, to fully appreciate his vision for this incredible film.”

I wonder if this is, in part, Warner Bros.’ way of apologizing to Nolan for the way they released Tenet: simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters. Nolan was not happy about that, and he took his business to Universal as a result – where he delivered them a massive hit that has thirteen Oscar nominations. Losing Nolan’s business was a public relations debacle for Warner Bros., and although he’s indicated he’d be willing to do business with his old studio again – especially as it’s under new management now – I’m sure they’re eager for some good press involving Nolan. As far as Dune: Part Two is concerned, holding it back was a dumb move that may have cost them a lot of IMAX money, and IMAX may be madder than anyone, considering what their CEO said during an earnings call. Again, tensions need to be smoothed over, and giving IMAX another Christopher Nolan film to screen – which will no doubt try to coast on Oppenheimer’s popularity and awards recognition – is a nice tribute, particularly as they were denied this one’s full potential in 2020. I hope it does well; I’m one of the seemingly very few who liked Tenet a lot, and I wish I got to see it in theaters. And considering how things have been going and the bulk of 2024’s release slate, these two could be the best movies to hit theaters this year.

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