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    Our radio news reported that of the hospitalization numbers 20% are for FULLY jabbed people.

    Which is damn high.

    And of course they did not break down the remaining 80% between partial and non-jabbed.

    That is a number I wish we also knew, as they always talk about how important even one shot is, yet here is an opportunity to prove it, and they WON’T.


    @Legatus_Legionis I’ve been reading up a lot on mRNA vaccine technology. It’s actually pretty interesting, although it is re-enforcing my belief that this COVID vaccine was not ready for mass use. Did you hear about Anti-Body Dependency Enhancements? It’s a mechanism that people working on that technology was trying to resolve, not so sure they were that successful because I read a research paper that stated in 2018 that they were yet to test on humans. What ABDE does, is that originally when you get the vaccine, it protects you for a few months, but once the vaccine’s effect wanes down, your protection to the virus goes below what it was to begin with.

    All that to say, we might be seeing numbers of people that got the jab rise up in the next few weeks/months. This might not be because the vaccine is wearing off, it’s because ABDE is kicking in. This might be what is happening in Israel right now, with 60%+ of people in the hospitals are vaxxed people


    So the constant question: What ARE the long-term side effects of the JAB?

    And as you have found, if getting the jab makes you worse off later on, and need a continuous booster to keep yourself from being worse off that it was before, how is THAT a solution?

    All you are doing is making it so that your body CANNOT work without it.

    You are being forced to be dependent on this drug.



    At least some places like Japan have started using Ivermectin, so some form of actual treatment is available for people that don’t want the jab.
    There’s a few more treatments that should be released shortly, hopefully this will make people calm down, although I’m not holding my breath


    84.5 per cent of those ages 12 and up have now received at least one dose of vaccine.

    75.1 per cent of those ages 12 and up are now fully immunized (two doses).

    *-* *-* *-*

    19,456 active cases

    1,063 being treated in hospitals of which 265 are in intensive care

    282,268 Recovered cases

    2,778 deaths

    *-* *-* *-*

    We peaked in wave-2 with 20,941 active cases.

    We peaked with 25,128 cases in wave-3 on May.09,21.

    currently, those between the ages of five and 19 make up about a quarter of our active cases


    Covid Numbers are misleading on several levels.

    First, Covid is an excessively generalized term that describes different things meaning people are not on the same page when using this term as it could be describing different variations of Covid and it could be describing a conflation between Covid and comorbidity.

    Second, Covid can be prevented generally via being healthy, essential vitamins like Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, etc. On top of that, there are some drugs, medicines, treatments, alleged cures, etc.

    Third, Covid can be corrected generally via natural remedies. Also, people will die from anything if they’re excessively deficient in essential vitamins.

    Number 4, Covid has been conflated with the Flu, the common cold, etc. And by the way, the common cold is generally caused by Covid, AKA corona viruses. What we call Covid is number 19 as in Covid-19. But truth be told, there are around 5 trillion cells on average in a human being and yet over 30 trillion germs, viruses, bacteria, etc inside your body. And truth be told, viruses, including Covid, are always mutating sometimes into stronger strains or strands and sometimes into weaker strains. Truth be told, Delta was not the first time Covid mutated and evolved. Truth be told, every person has a slightly different version of Covid plus millions of different combinations of germs, viruses, etc. Your body is a universe of a jungle. Like, if there are trillions of germs, etc. Wow. That’s like more than there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our bodies are pretty amazing, crazy, and big.

    Number 5, the CDC said over 94% of the Covid deaths in 2020 were caused by comorbidity. That is probably a low number.

    Number 6, Delta is mostly caused by Covid Vaccines.

    Number 7, too many people are too unhealthy meaning they will die from Covid or maybe your mom, insert mom joke here.

    Number 8, to piggyback number 5, if you got hit by a car, they were paid money to say you died of Covid.

    Number 9, they have admit that the Covid tests do not work, that they have to turn up cycles to over 30 or more to get the results they want which could be anything.

    Number 10, the numbers do not matter, what matters is that each person can and should be healthy meaning that is the responsibility of the individual and not the job of the government.

    Number 11, and don’t get me started on Covid Vaccines which are killing people. So one of my jobs is in helping people recover not from Covid but from the vaccines which are not vaccines.

    Number 12, and also don’t get me started on the recovery rate meaning the numbers do not matter if many people recover. That is basic math 101. That is basic statistics. It is said by many people that the recovery rate in 2020 for Covid was way over 99% which means it is not a pandemic. It is a plandemic. A new video broke on Alex Jones on Monday night showing Fauci talking on CSPAN in the fall of 2019 talking about Covid. He was with other doctors. They didn’t say Covid by name but they described the desire to get the medical community to force vaccines onto people regardless of what they might say. They were talking about how they have to get past the old way of doing things. They said the old way of doing things is too slow as it takes too many years to approve vaccines. Plus, the video of Fauci in 2017. Plus the Lock-Step section of the Rockefeller paper from 2010 or 2011. And the list goes on and on.

    Number 13, and don’t get me started on the VAERS website.

    Number 14, and the numbers are not the only thing that is misleading, like so many things are misleading and it is all coming together to mislead people.

    Number 15, they use it all to scare people.

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    85.3 per cent of those ages 12 and up have now received at least one dose of vaccine.

    76.0 per cent of those ages 12 and up are now fully immunized (two doses).

    *-* *-* *-*

    15,295 active cases

    1,053 being treated in hospitals of which 242 are in intensive care

    293,475 Recovered cases

    2,863 deaths


    87.7 per cent of those ages 12 and up have now received at least one dose of vaccine.

    76.2 per cent of those ages 12 and up are now fully immunized (two doses).

    *-* *-* *-*

    14,218 active cases

    1,027 being treated in hospitals of which 236 are in intensive care

    295,166 Recovered cases

    2,901 deaths

    *** *** ***

    Of the 791 non-ICU patients, more than 73 per cent are unvaccinated or are partially vaccinated.

    That means there are 213 (or 27%) of non-ICU fully double jabbed patients with covid breakout cases.


    Wave five is coming, time to get a couple dozen booster shots


    Our chief medical health officer is calling on everyone to not only be jabbed with the covid-vax, but that everyone MUST get the flu jab as well, and that the two are safe if you get them at the same time.

    And get this;

    “While the initial report of the death of the 14-year-old included COVID as a secondary cause, we have now received additional information that indicates COVID was not a cause of death.”

    Given the emotional nature of such cases, (our chief medical officer) said COVID-19 deaths of those under 18 will no longer be reported until a thorough review process is completed.

    And for those 18 and older, no such reviews so FALSE reports of inflated covid deaths will continue.

    That statement implied as much.

    …was accused by some of diminishing the teen’s death by noting the patient had underlying medical conditions.

    As have so many adults and especially seniors.

    And they still want us to TRUST the experts when they flip-flop and mislead so often.

    Trust the science and the numbers… well how can we, when you just admitted they are wrong, yet again.


    I am sick of all their fear mongering, lockdowns, and restrictions.



    Nine months after being diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumour and two days after his family says he tested positive for COVID-19 … died in hospital.

    A terminal illness that was originally reported as a covid death!

    The boy’s family publicly called on our chief medical health officer) to retract her statement, suggesting that (he) had died of cancer, not COVID-19.

    And many people/families all over the world have done as well in their loved one’s death.

    …accused the province of spreading “fake news” about her younger brother, who had been in hospital since August.

    Fake news, from our trusted media and medical experts?  Who knew!

    The case highlights the intricacies of reporting comorbidities — such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and dementia — that can contribute to the dangers of COVID-19.

    … started reporting comorbidities linked to COVID-19 deaths in December 2020, but the data doesn’t tell the whole story. Experts say discussing the statistics without nuance can minimize dangers of the disease.

    In other words, we want to clump ALL who are covid positive into ONE number, so they can push the globalists agenda of free mongering and getting people to get the jab.

    Comorbidities are prevalent among all age groups, and the vast majority … who have died of COVID-19 will have at least one of these conditions listed on their death certificate.

    Died of Covid?  Of just was covid positive at the time of their deaths.  That is a BIG difference!

    “If the cause of death was unrelated to COVID — for a hypothetical example, if an individual who is a confirmed case of COVID-19 died in a car crash — the case would be subsequently removed from our death count.”

    In theory that should be, but there is no way of knowing for sure unless people speak up about it.

    And with reports of for-profit hospitals in the states, reporting covid related deaths is more profitable that reporting the actual cause of death.

    “The issue is: How does one classify, when they die, has someone died of COVID or with COVID?”

    If you had COVID, would you have died on that day or could you have survived for another number of months or years?”







    One in five COVID-19 deaths were people who were fully vaccinated

    A COVID-19 antibodies researcher expects to see more deaths among fully vaccinated people as vaccine effectiveness begins to wane.

    “The vulnerable are becoming vulnerable again,” said Rodney Russell, a professor of immunology and infectious diseases at Memorial University of Newfoundland.


    He said research is showing that the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations begins to fade after six or seven months. And since older and vulnerable groups were vaccinated first, they’re seeing the first signs of waning immunity.

    So what is the answer?  We get booster shots every six months for eternity?

    Russell said it’s perfectly natural and normal for a person’s immunity to drop after vaccination.

    At first, “the immune system ramps up and it goes into fighting mode, and it throws everything at the virus or the vaccine,” he said.

    But “once the battle is won” everything settles down “and the troops go back to base.”

    That implies we need constant boosters.

    “The answer is the third shot,” said Russell, “because you tweak the immune system again and you give it a little taste with the vaccine and say, ‘Look, the virus is still around.” So the immune system kicks in again then and ramps the antibodies back up to where they were before.”

    A third… then in six months a fourth… then a year from now a fifth… etc.

    Russell said countries around the world have noticed the same thing happening. He said lessons can be learned from Israel, which was “one of the first places to really get on the vaccine bandwagon and get aggressively vaccinating.”

    In June, Israel began seeing more breakthrough cases of people who had received two doses of a vaccine.

    “And that was disappointing. But it wasn’t that unexpected because we expect the levels of antibodies in your blood will go down over time. That’s normal. That always happens.”

    Then why was this not mentioned when the calls first came in to get the jabs?

    It was always “Get your two jabs, and you will be OK”.

    Now it is “Get your (next round of) boosters as soon as the government will allow (pay) for it”.

    This will be a never ending cycle.

    Russell said vaccines can only do so much.

    “We knew the vaccines weren’t 100 per cent,” he said.

    And the calls to get the flu jabs (which are available today) has begun.

    That is why the rear mongering over a twindemic (severe flu season with covid) has began again.  Even thought last year’s twindemic was nothing but a red herring.  The flu was practically CURED last year.  (with everyone social distancing, working from home, wearing masks, washing hands, etc.)


    12,302 active cases

    981 being treated in hospitals of which 225 are in intensive care

    301,155 Recovered cases

    2,976 deaths

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